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iPhone SE 2: Apple’s Secret Handset Leaks Online In Photos

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There’s no doubt that right now almost all other Apple products are being overshadowed by the rumored iPhone 8. And as such, you’ve probably not heard of another smartphone, the iPhone SE 2 which could grace retailers shelves sometime soon. Now, unfortunately, the obsession with its more powerful sibling has meant, there’s nothing much to tell about it. Well, that is until now, because a new image has leaked, at last revealing something about this device.

The iPhone SE 2 Leak

How trustworthy is this leaked photo? To be honest, there is no way of verifying its authenticity. However, as it was published on the Chinese social network Weibo, a place for which leaks are becoming common. It’s probably authentic given that Apple has its partner manufacturer handsets in that country. As for what the image reveals about the iPhone SE 2, it’s not much, but still, amounts to the most we’ve seen so far.

Unfortunately, as you can see in the image, there are no front display shot, side shot or details to indicate the internal tech. All there is are a few back panels; however, they do reveal some information worth sharing.

What Can Be Deduced?

As you can see from the attached leaflet with the iPhone SE 2 back panels, they are made from Ion-X glass, Which is the same material used in some models of the Apple Watch. This suggests the SE 2 will sport wireless charging, and be something that will feature in all 2017 Apple handsets.

Additionally, the only other piece of information that can be seen is the document is a possible model number N79. Could this be a secret production name given to the iPhone SE 2 before it hits the shelves? Obviously, there is no official information to indicate otherwise, so we will go with that. If authentic, this document code have come from either Wistron, Pegatron, or Foxconn, however, there’s also no way to determine that.

As for what else can be determined from the handsets rears, there’s a ridgeless cutout for a single-lens camera. It is vertically aligned with what looks like a LED flash beneath it. Design wise; it seems to look like the rear of the iPhone 7, which would be different for the iPhone SE 2, as its predecessor had a 5s like design.

Release Date

As we’ve said throughout this article, there are currently no rumors about a possible iPhone SE 2. However, we can point back to late last year, when KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had a small amount to say on the matter. He suggested that we will not see the SE 2 in the first half of this year, so not before the end of June.

Now, if that is true, it could mean that Apple plans to announce the iPhone SE 2 in September with other handsets. Those handsets would possibly be the iPhone 8, 7s and 7s Plus. In fact, it could even wait until 2018; we just don’t know.

As always, we will keep you updated as more news either leaks or is made officially available. In the meantime, what would you like to see incorporated into the iPhone SE 2? Please use the comments section below to share your thoughts and questions.


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