This iPhone Earpiece Will Translate Different Languages For You

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How many times have you been on holiday and discovered that the phrase book you bought with all the best intentions, just is not good enough? I’ve been in many situations whilst on holiday when I wished I could, either speak the language or had an interpretor with me. You know the times I’m talking about, like when you need directions back to your hotel or trying to book a taxi. One thing that I’ve always wanted to have is a reliable iPhone translator, whether it be an app or device it would help me communicate with the locals on my travels and give me some peace of mind.

Enter: Pilot Language

Now thanks to an ingenious piece of technology called “Pilot”, which is an iPhone Translator earpiece. It looks like any possible language barriers could be removed. What makes me so excited about Pilot, is that it is able (so its developers say) to translate the conversation of two people who speak different languages in real-time!

Seriously this sounds great at last an iPhone translator that can / could do a great job. But what about the technology behind the device, what technologies does it incorporate? To start with the earpiece has a number of useful technologies built into the hardware. Such as Bluetooth low energy, NFMI and an ARM Processor. Also there are dual noise cancelling microphones, a digital signal processor and last but not least, a high performance stereo audio with noise suppression.

At this point you’re probably thinking “What about the batter?”. Well this iPhone translator device has a rechargeable Li-ion battery. Which can last up-to 4-6 hours depending on how much you use it. So as you can see, from a tech aspect Pilot the little iPhone translator comes packing some high end features. Features that will break down almost any language barrier, I or you can come across.

How does this iPhone Translator work?

Remember when I said it had dual noise cancelling microphones? These enable pilot to cancel out any background noise in your vicinity when you’re talking. Subsequently, any conversation you have is passed through the Pilot app at the same time as machine translation. Speech synthesis and multiple layers of speech recognition are also used to make sure the translation is as accurate as possible.

iPhone Translator Functionality

Coming packed with a secondary earpiece enables this iPhone translator to double up as a music streaming device. One that lets you share music with your partner, or whoever may happen to be with you at the time. Its partner iPhone app, enables you to toggle between your chosen languages and uploads them directly to the earpiece. The app is also able to be used as a basic phrasebook for basic translation.

In addition, there is also conference mode, which enables you to use this iPhone translator to speak to multiple people at the same time. What’s great about this feature, is that it works in translation mode. Meaning that you can talk to people who speak foreign languages and it will work as it should.

Available Languages

As it stands there are three languages pre-loaded into the Pilot device, English, Spanish, Italian. The maker of the device does plan to offer more. But they will more than likely be offered as additional paid downloads at a later date. If you where to purchase one of these iPhone translators now, you would have to keep it connected to the internet for it to work. However, the manufacturer is working on enabling the device to store languages locally.

Price and Availability

Unfortunately the early special offer prices of PILOT have been and gone! So if you want to purchase one at its current price $199, you would have to pre-order via crowdfunding site

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