Would You Use This iPhone Case With Drop Protection?

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Aside from aesthetics, smartphone cases are used mainly for protection from falling. An innovative invention features an iPhone case with drop protection that works by automatically opening out its shock dampeners when it successfully detects when the phone is dropping out of your hand.

Unfortunately, every now and then, we accidentally drop our smartphones and it seems like our heart jumps to our throat, while we check to see if the screen is broken or whether the phone is still working or not. Dropping a $1000 iPhone on the ground has got to be one of the worst feelings to be sure. Although taking some kind of part time insurance like AppleCare can protect our iPhone in a way, it still won’t stop us from dropping our phones. There are many iPhone cases available online or in stores, but there are some people that simply don’t find this kind of protection sufficient enough.

However, the iPhone case with drop protection created by Philip Frenzel, an engineer at Aalen University in Germany, has won the highest and most prestigious award from the German Society for Mechatronics for its unique design that automatically deploys shock dampeners when it detects that the device is falling, as reported by PREVIEW Online and translated by Google Translate.

The idea is simple, since it is basically a given that at some point we will drop our phones on the ground, this breakthrough innovation will smartly sense when the phone is dropping and deploy its anti-shock mechanism that will allow the phone to stay safe and sound when it falls down.

According to the report, Frenzel first had an idea to add some kind of an airbag that would protect the phone and case, but instead, he opted with an advanced system equipped with eight thin metal curls which are normally tucked inside the case. However, they pop out when the case senses that the phone is falling, and deploys the curls before the phone reaches the floor.

The patent is already in the works at the moment. However, Frenzel’s challenge has just begun, as he needs to come up with a way that works out that the deploying mechanism activates from actual dropping of the phone and not have accidental deployments of the shock dampeners. That might hurt if you happen to have it in your pocket at the time.

Nevertheless, hopefully we see it on Kickstarter soon enough and see what else it sports.

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