This iPhone App Allows Free, Legal Streaming Of Millions Of Songs

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The BOOMiO app describes itself as a social music and discovery service, and it enters into a difficult market.

While other music streaming services offer free trials to entice you into signing up for the full paid service, BOOMiO is different. Instead of getting riled up by ads on Spotify Free, or finding your tracks cut off after 30-seconds on iTunes, the new app offers full-length tracks for free. Now there are plenty of ways to get free music on the internet, and some of them violate copyright laws, but the great thing about BOOMiO is that it is completely legal.

New iPhone app BOOMiO: Digital music revolution

The digital music market has undergone a series of changes in recent years, with Pandora and Spotify dislodging the iTunes Music Store from the top of the tree. In the age of The Cloud, users now prefer to stream tracks rather than downloading them to their device.

BOOMiO promises a social aspect too, with users able to source new content before sharing it with their friends. The ‘BOOM’ function allows users to send an alert to a friend of group of contacts, in order to start a conversation about the music. A common problem with new music apps is that content is sometimes lacking, but BOOMiO promises “millions of original, full-length, licensed tracks.”

Lots of competition

Ben Reid of says that the app “looks pretty neat,” and there appears to be potential. One hurdle is the domination of the digital music market by the big players like Spotify and Pandora, and he suggests that BOOMiO will have a tough time stealing users away from its larger competitors.

That said the app will see some improvements soon enough, including the ability to “follow” artists of your choice. Its free to download from the link below, so you can try it for yourself.

(Download: BOOMiO for iPhone on the App Store)

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