iPhone Users Can Now Elimate Malware Ads Using Adblock Browser

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Users who are looking for ways to block annoying advertisement can now use Adblock Browser on their Apple devices such as the iPhone and iPad.

The creators of Adblock Plus released the Adblock Browser for iOS 9 yesterday prior to the official launching of Apple’s new mobile operating system and iPhones.

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The AdBlock Browser, which been available on Google’s Android operating system since May will not only block ads, but it will also prevent malware and conserve the battery life and data usage of the iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.

AdBlock Browser is an all-in-one app that automatically blocks unwanted ads. In a blog post, the creators of the app explained, “The first involves your data plan and battery life. Ads cost you data and therefore money. Because Adblock Browser has an ad blocker built in, you block the ad and save the cash. In addition, studies have shown that ads can tap your battery – over 20 percent of it! – so the browser can save your power too.”

Adblock Browser ensures the privacy of iPhone and iPad users

Additionally, Adblock Browser will keep iPhone and iPad users safe and ensure their privacy because it was designed to eliminate malware-laded ads called malvertising. A recent report indicated that a jailbroken iPhone is vulnerable to a newly discovered malware called KeyRaider.

Adblock Browser functions just like the Adblock Plus, a free extension designed to block unwanted ads and domains that spread malware. It also disables tracking cookies on your iPhone, iPad or Android devices. The web extension will start functioning once users add filter lists such as block tracking or block malware.

The filter list enabled by default on Adblock Plus included the ad blocking list selected based on a user’s language (EasyList) and the acceptable ads list.

Apple is expected to allow ad blocking

Technology observers expect Apple to announce ad blocking on iOS 9 for the first time. The creators of Adblock Browser speculated that the iPhone and iPad maker will allow ad blocking on Safari over the next two weeks.

Since last year, the number of people using ad-blocking software increased by 41% to 198 million, which account for inly 6% of the total global web population. The increasing popularity of ad-blocking software is a problem for publishers because their advertising revenues would decline. This year alone, their ad revenues are expected to decline by over $21.8 billion, which represents 14% of global advertising spending.

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