iPhone 9 OLED Screens Will Be Made By Samsung [REPORT]

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Apple is yet to announce the existence of the iPhone 8 officially, yet we can already bring you information about the iPhone 9. Yes, that’s right, a device which will possibly be 2018’s September release is already being spoken about. And if one new report from The Bell is accurate, it seems as though Apple is going to order millions of OLED panels for the handset.

iPhone 9 OLED Panels

This latest of iPhone 9 chatter, comes from South Korea, via The Bell, and it suggests Apple is working a year in advance. Well, that is in regards to striking deals with suppliers for different components for the smartphone.

Apparently, both Apple and Samsung have struck another deal relating to OLED panels. With the order for the iPhone 9 more than doubling the size of the one placed for this year’s upcoming device. According to the figures revealed, the order is for 180-million units, which as we mentioned previously is more than double this year’s order. Now, this report has led to some speculating, that while this year, we may see only one OLED sporting iPhone. Next year could be entirely different with up to three devices sporting the long-awaited technology.

Slow Movement

As for why such a bold movement in 2018? Apple fans have been calling for a move away from the older IPS LCD technology incorporated into Apple devices for some years. But, for whatever reason, the company chose to ignore those calls and stuck with the older tech. Now, however, it’s 2017, and the 10th anniversary of the first iPhone is approaching. As such, it’s thought, that with declining sales, Apple must do something to reinvigorate interest in its handset line. As such, rumors suggest the iPhone 8 will incorporate an OLED display.

If it this handset goes on to be a huge hit, as Apple, if this report is accurate seems to believe it will be. The iPhone 9 and it’s at that time siblings look like the perfect choice for an all-around upgrade to OLED panels. Additionally, it makes sense, if an entire future lineup is penned in for the new display tech, then Apple should begin to finalize deals for its supply.

Will 2018’s iPhone 9 Line up come with OLED panels? To find out, the best thing to do is, watch this space. Because as soon as we discover anything that can verify this rumor, we will report on it.

As for other iPhone 9 features and specification rumors, here’s the latest.

Huge Screen Sizes

Compared to other handset manufacturers, Apple’s foray into the world of larger than 4.7-inch handsets is relatively recent. However, for the iPhone 9, this is expected to change again. Rumors are suggesting two devices one with a 5.28-inch display, and another with a larger 6.46-inch display are likely.

Could these future screen sizes be the reason behind the double the size OLED panels order? It’s likely, as LCD panel have never been proved to be efficient on handsets within the size ranges mentioned.

iPhone 9 OLED Panels and Flexible retractable display
Source: USPTO

Folding Retractable Display

Back in March, we reported about an Apple patent application which seemed to show that the iPhone 9 could have a foldable screen. An adaption, which if true would lead to a revolution in mobile technology, and of course, completely transform the iPhone.

However, we feel this one is unlikely for a date in 2018; instead, possibly 2020 is more likely. Why? While Samsung has been releasing videos of handsets with some kind of folding/retractable displays for year’s, they have yet to become consumer devices. As such, we believe Apple, and others like it are yet to solve the standalone flexible display problem. Yes, it may be that the company has found a solution, to stopgap solution, as seen in the image above. But the question remains, how likely is it that this will become a reality?

You can find out more about the Patent and the technology behind it here.

Wireless Charging

While it has been heavily rumored that the iPhone 8 will be the device to see Apple break into the realms of wireless charging. It has now reached an almost consensus level, that 2017 will not be the year we see iPhone’s being charged from a distance. Instead, like the already available Android handsets, the iPhone 8 will likely be charged by placing it onto a pad.

So, it seems as though, reports that Apple is working with its partners to produce actual wireless charging, are accurate. But, it could be next year, when we see wireless charging from up to 1-meter or more become a reality. In relation to this, Steve Rizzone, CEO of Energous, spoke to the Verge before CES 2017. During the interview, he dropped some hints about a partnership with Apple. One that could see the launch of a wireless charging tech, with a range of up to 15-feet.

As alway’s when we know more, we will let you know. In the meantime, come and share your desires for what an iPhone 9 should offer.

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