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iPhone 9 And Galaxy S9 Rumors Surface

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The tenth anniversary iPhone 8 promises to be an extremely exciting smartphone released later this year, but reports are already emerging about the iPhone 9. This should be considered very much a working title, as there is no guarantee that Apple will immediately switch to iPhone 9 branding following the release of the iPhone 8. Indeed, there is already some debate over whether or not the iPhone 8 will actually be the name for the next-generation Apple handset.

Nonetheless, reports from East Asia are already providing an insight into how the next but one generation Apple device may turn out. Korea is becoming an extremely important source of news on the smartphones marketplace in general, particularly as Samsung and LG have become such important players in the industry.

iPhone 9 OLED linked

And Korean media is reporting that the iPhone 9 will definitely feature the OLED technology that has been so strongly linked with the iPhone 8. This definitely wouldn’t come as a surprise, as it is still anticipated by many sources that OLED screens will debut in the forthcoming iPhone 8. But The Investor publication also predicts that Samsung will be the sole supplier for the OLED panels utilized in the iPhone 9, while the screen size in included in the device will also be increased significantly.

The Investor asserts that Apple has already placed an order for 180 million OLED units, which the publication suggests is more than double the 80 million that have been requested for the iPhone 8 generation. The report goes on to indicate that the iPhone 9 will feature two screen sizes, with a 5.28-inch display being accompanied by a 6.46-inch device. This is very specific, and these numbers do seem rather odd, but it nonetheless suggests that Apple is willing to break away from the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch screens that have been standard in recent years.

Industry sources close to both Apple and Samsung are also quoted in the article, suggesting that the two mega-corporations have already signed an NDA on the general conditions and display size. It will be interesting to see what parameters Apple includes in the iPhone 8, and whether three models emerge as expected, as this will give us a real clue as to how the iPhone 9 will turn out.

Galaxy S9 leaks

Meanwhile, there are also rumors circulating about the next-generation Galaxy S9. Again, it is rather early in the day to speak about this smartphone, but at least the Galaxy S8 is already on the market! Regardless of this, major companies such as Apple and Samsung are always thinking several generations ahead, and it is not at all surprising that the two corporations are already making concrete plans for their next major flagships.

Another Korean publication, The Bell, indicates that the Galaxy S9 is already under development. Apparently the codename for this important device is ‘Star’, with the development schedule apparently well ahead of previous years. Samsung has perhaps been emboldened by its more than decent recent market performance, and may already be making plans to deliver a particularly outstanding Galaxy S9 release.

It is very early days in the development cycle of the Galaxy S9, considering that the Galaxy S8 has only recently been released. But the report goes on to explain that the Galaxy S9 will follow the release schedule of previous Galaxy S devices, and thus we can expect to see it emerge in March 2018.

The Bell also suggests that Samsung will focus on developing the Infinity display in the Galaxy S9, possibly addressing the fingerprint scanner which was considered something of a weakness in the Galaxy S8 generation. Based on the rumors surrounding the Galaxy Note 8, it is possible that the Galaxy S9 will be the first ever 4K resolution smartphone from Samsung, considering that the Galaxy Note range can be defined as phablets.

4K enthusiasm

Executives in the Samsung hierarchy have already expressed their enthusiasm regarding 4K technology, describing it as something that will become a staple in the mobile industry. This suggests that the Korean corporation will look to move to 4K resolution sooner rather than later, and this could mean that both the Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S9 benefit from 4K panels, after the Galaxy S8 also received a resolution boost from the previous iteration in the series.

2018 promises to be another key year in the smartphone battle between Apple and Samsung, with the KoreancCorporation effectively answering the tenth anniversary iPhone when the Galaxy S9 is released. It seems that we can expect some outstanding devices from the two major players in the market when the iPhone 9 and Galaxy S9 hit the stores.

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