iPhone 8 To Include Wireless Charging [RUMOR]

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Despite the fact we are still a few months away from the unveiling of this year’s iPhone, that has not stopped the rumor mill from speculating on next year’s model, expected to be called the iPhone 8, and the latest ‘evidence’ suggests it will feature wireless charging.

Wireless charging

An analyst at ESM-China, Sun Changxu has claimed that the new capability was revealed through the mobile supply chain for the smartphones. It has been suggested that we wont see wireless charging on the iPhone 7, expected to be released in September this year, but instead will have to wait a further twelve months to enjoy the new feature.

No 7S, straight to iPhone 8

More and more reports are suggesting that Apple will dispense with a supplementary ‘S’ version next year, and instead, go straight to the iPhone 8. There has been widespread disappointment at that lack of new features that the iPhone 7 is purported to contain, and that it will be the following year’s device that really moves the dial on the smartphone.

It should also be noted that we are using the iPhone 8 name out of simplicity. They may choose a completely different name but for now that seems the most sensible name.

So far it has been suggested that the iPhone 7 will contain a dual lens camera for improved zoom capabilities. Reports point towards the headphone jack being removed, reduced antenna banding and a new ‘deep blue’ color option.

Next year will mark ten years since the release of the very first iPhone, so it is expected that Apple will make a great fuss about this anniversary edition. It is, therefore, likely that they are holding back a few ‘blockbuster’ enhancements to really make a big splash with the celebratory phone.

Other features of ‘iPhone 8’

As mentioned, all reports lead to a pretty special phone next year. Jony Ive, the Chief Design Officer at Apple has been known to want to release a phone that looks like a sheet of glass for some time, and this may be just that time, as there are rumors that there may be a glass bodied phone next year.

There are also reports that the screen will go from the top to the bottom of the phone, dispensing with the upper and lower borders. The home button would disappear completely and a TouchID fingerprint scanner will be incorporated within the screen.

Other thoughts on the new smartphone features include a new A11 processor built on a 10nm process, more biometric scanning capabilities including facial or iris recognition. If the headphone jack doesn’t disappear this year, we can certainly expect it to be gone next year.

Apple is looking to replace the standard headphone port functions through the Lightening Port. While this will provide better sound, it means getting rid of the industry standard port and will make your old headphones obsolete without buying some form of an adapter, which is not great when you are already being forced to stump up over $1000 for the phone itself.

The obvious and essential caveat comes with this article, like any other Internet rumor, it is simply wanton speculation.  at this time, and with the Cupertino giant as tight lipped as ever, this could all be pie in the sky. With fifteen months or so to wait, and things can change a lot in that time frame. Expect nothing; but feel free to hope for everything, has always been the best policy with regards to Apple releases.

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