iPhone 8 vs. Galaxy S8: Comparison Of Rumored Features

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Next year could be the biggest year in mobile for the two giants of the industry. For Apple, it’s the tenth anniversary of the iPhone, so its fans expect an all-conquering iPhone 8. For Samsung, its recent troubles place it in an awkward position. Does it fall back and lick its wounds, or does it comes out fighting with a Galaxy S8 capable of taking on the world? Let’s compare the rumors and see what may be possible.

flagship rumors compared

Long before the public knew that the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus even existed, there were iPhone 8 rumors. Some centered around whether Apple would skip the 7 and then go straight to the 8. Others focused on Apple’s sales slowdown, dismissing the 7 as unimportant, and pinning hopes on a turnaround with the 8. However, none of the above have happened, and the new handsets appear to be selling well.

Just under two months ago Samsung launched, to great anticipation, the Galaxy Note 7, a handset with which it decided to skip the whole sixth generation monocle to bring it in line with the S-series. However, good fortune rarely lasts forever, and just this week due to overheating and explosions, the handset has been discontinued.

So with both companies at a crossroads in their fortunes and competitors on either side looking to replace them, here’s what the iPhone 8 and Galaxy S8 rumors are suggesting we’ll get and how they compare.

Designs compared

There are lots of rumors about the iPhone 8 concerning design, so we’ll focus on just a couple. For example, it’s thought that the handset will launch with an all-glass design. A recent report suggests that Foxconn is working on the all-glass case for Apple, which would mean no more metal body. Apparently Foxconn has been working on this for over a year, and insiders believe it will be ready for 2017. Additionally, in August, Bloomberg reported on comments made by long-time Apple insider Mark Gurman about the Home Button.

In the report, Gurman explained: “Apple is already at work on a major redesign of the iPhone for 2017 that focuses more heavily on display by removing the Home button.”

Samsung, on the other hand, could stick with its tried and tested glass-and-metal design, which has been a winner so far. So there’s little possibility that anything much will change in materials with the Galaxy S8. Next there’s the rumor that Samsung will launch two variants, one with a 5.5-inch 4K display and another 5.1-inch handset with a 2.5K screen.

So could the design stakes get even higher than they are right now? We think they will and should, particularly where Apple and the iPhone 8 is concerned. For too long now have Apple fans suffered from iteration design updates; this next generation should offer something refreshing.

Cameras compared

Is Samsung lagging behind Apple in the camera race, since the release of the dual-lens camera on the iPhone 7 Plus? It certainly seems that way due to Apple’s claims and the work it did before the launch with photographers. So what can Samsung do to bridge the gap?


A recent report from an unnamed source close to Samsung recently leaked information about a camera upgrade. Apparently the Korean company has been placing orders for the S8, and within these orders are several new and expensive components which could combine to make a dual-lens camera.

Again this is only a rumor, but it appears that Samsung’s parts suppliers are taking orders at production levels. And if this rumor turns out to be true, it means a Galaxy S8 camera with DSLR quality. As for which of the two rumored variants will get it, it’s thought the larger 5.5-inch device will get it.

Super resolution

Samsung is not the only company looking to improve. Apple has its sights clearly set on being number one in smartphone photography. According to rumor, it will endeavor to make the iPhone 8 camera even better than that of the 7 Plus.

A report by Apple Insider points to two patents for its recent camera story, both of which talk about the sensor technologies Apple will use in the iPhone camera. The Cupertino tech giant is looking for ways to improve how the sensors of a camera capture light. If you believe the rumors, it has done so already, which will mean even higher quality and sharper images from 2017’s handset.

Additionally, Apple is looking for ways to create a more compact but powerful camera for the handset, meaning that it wants the space to pack in more technologies like OIS, HDR+ and optical zoom capabilities. And if you believe what you read, it has already been overcome, with Apple opting for a folded camera design, which will not only help it find the space it needs but create more as well, allowing for greater improvements.

What do these camera rumors tell us? They say that neither is resting on its laurels; instead, both are pushing on in the hope of capturing new users.


While it is very early in the rumor season for both of these devices, it appears that Apple is the one on the front foot, which is not something that could have been said just a couple of months ago. However, a lot of the Galaxy S8 rumors did exist before the Note 7 was decommissioned. And now that the handset has gone, priorities may have since changed over at Samsung. We just don’t know how much or in what direction.

As for Apple and its tenth anniversary iPhone 8, it should now use the momentum it has to push on. It could use Samsung’s bad luck to its advantage and claw back some market share.

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