iPhone 8 And Galaxy S8: Rumors And Predictions

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After the massive problems it has experienced with the Galaxy Note 7, the attention of Samsung is already turning to the next generation Galaxy S8. This is a flagship smartphone which will be up against the iPhone 8 in 2017, and thus there are already a large amount of rumors circulating about both devices.

iPhone 8

In particular, there have been a wide variety of different specs and features already linked with the iPhone 8. This is interesting considering the consensus of opinion is that Apple will release this smartphone in September next year. But already leaks from the supply chain have given us significant clues regarding the makeup of this piece of hardware.

Edge-to-edge display

Firstly, an edge-to-edge display is being a strongly tipped for the iPhone 8, with even the Wall Street Journal making reference to this screen technology. This would be a significant redesign for the iPhone concept, and possibly one that is overdue after conservative handsets being released over the last few years.

OLED technology, popularised by the Galaxy range, has also been strongly linked with the iPhone series, and it is believed that this will finally see the light of day in 2017.

Home button

Analysts, experts and general soothsayers have been predicting for some time that Apple would ditch the Home button completely at some point, and this could come to fruition with the iPhone 8 generation. This would then involve the system being replaced with fingerprint sensing technology underneath the new display. A patent for a ‘capacitive fingerprint sensor including an electrostatic lens’ has already been spied, meaning that Apple has the technology available if required.

Virtual buttons and light sensor

Another patent noted by Patently Apple points to a light sensor being included in the iPhone 8, as part of an overall curved-glass design. It is also believed that Apple could include virtual active buttons along the sides of this new design. These could apparently then be utilized for certain controls when the camera app is in use.

Wireless charging

Wireless charging is also being strongly linked with the iPhone 8, with this convenient new technology set to feature in an Apple product for the first time next year. With problems for this technology in operating with aluminum, it is possible that this signals a switch to an entirely glass-based iPhone. But Qualcomm has also revealed that new breakthroughs enable its technology to work through aluminum, so Apple could choose to instead retain this metal after all.

Built-in e-SIM

Another intriguing suggestion and touted feature for the iPhone 8 is that the smartphone will feature an e-SIM. This is an electronic SIM card, which would replace the physical cards that smartphone users have become accustomed to over the years. Records indicate that both Apple and Samsung are in talks with the GSMA in order to utilize standardized electronic SIM cards in future handsets, possibly debuting with the iPhone 8 and Galaxy S8 year.

Reversible USB charger

Finally, the iPhone 8 has also been strongly linked with a reversible USB charger, and will thus be able to include a Lightning connector on one end and the reversible USB connector on the reverse. YouTube videos showcasing this technology have already emerged, and it is a possibility that this could be part of the iPhone 8 when it is released. However, this seems one of the more outlandish suggestions linked with the smartphone.

galaxy s8 concept display
Image Source: TechDroider/YouTube

Galaxy S8

Samsung will clearly have a lot to respond to with the Galaxy S8, even though it’s not technically a response as the Samsung handset will be released first! But the boffins at the Korean corporation will undoubtedly have the iPhone 8 in mind when developing their next flagship.

The number one issue for Samsung to deal with is the battery included in the smartphone, following the absolute disaster of the Galaxy Note 7. Having received excellent reviews from the critical community, the perpetual explosions of this handset have rented it completely useless, costing Samsung potentially millions of dollars.

LG link

Obviously the manufacturer cannot risk a repeat of this horrible scenario, and thus it is not surprising that the company is considering moving away from its current suppliers. Reports already suggest that Samsung will partner with LG for the battery included in the Galaxy S8, and that this will hopefully bring considerably more stability to the technology.

Indeed, a Samsung executive has been quoted by the media as confirming that LG is being considered as a supplier. And it is notable that the corporation already utilizes one of the partner companies of LG to supply camera lenses.


Aside from this, it is expected that Samsung will significantly improve the photographic capabilities of the Galaxy S8, with a dual-lens camera being particularly linked with the smartphone. The Korea Herald has already reported on this possibility, with one of the suppliers of Samsung parts having apparently made this particular claim.

Iris scanner

The same supplier also states that Samsung will include an iris scanner in the Galaxy S8 when it is released, enhancing the security portfolio of the device. This had previously been included with the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7, and it would make obvious sense to now transfer this technology to the new smartphone.

This would also make sense for Samsung, as doubling up on camera lenses would enable the company to compensate for lost earnings on the Note 7.

4K display

Finally, the Galaxy S8 continues to be linked with 4K technology, something that has been associated with Samsung products for some time. It is perhaps more likely that this technology will debut with the Galaxy Note range, but the disastrous performance of the Galaxy Note 7 could lead Samsung into something of a rethink.

Again, considering the fact that Samsung is particularly associated with outstanding screen technology, including 4K for the first time with the Galaxy S8 would be consistent with its image and general strategy.

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