iPhone 8 vs Galaxy S8: Which One Should You Buy?

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The iPhone 8 is finally here! We have been talking all summer about what Apple would do on the 10th anniversary of the original iPhone. The answer: a lot. The iPhone X is a revolutionary new direction for Apple’s mobile lineup. However, the $999 price tag may have some people looking to one of the other models that Apple introduced: the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. For a compact device with a lot of power, the iPhone 8 is the obvious choice of the three. However, you still have other devices you need to compare with before you pull the trigger. In this article we compare the iPhone 8 vs Galaxy S8 to help you make the right decision!

One thing that Samsung does better than arguably any other smartphone manufacturer is displays. The 5.8-inch, bezel-less, AMOLED display on the Galaxy S8 is downright beautiful. Now, that’s not to say that the iPhone 8 doesn’t have a beautiful display of its own. Separately, both devices look great. Side by side, the Galaxy S8 is the clear winner. Better contrast, better resolution, and more screen real estate puts the Galaxy S8 out ahead of its Apple counterpart. The bezel-less display is a big difference maker when comparing the iPhone 8 vs Galaxy S8. Because of the greatly reduced bezel size, the Galaxy S8 is able to offer much more display in a body that is only slightly larger than the iPhone 8. In your hand, you wouldn’t notice a difference by feeling the device. However, your eyes will certainly notice the difference.


The A11 chip in the iPhone 8 is a beast. The best part about this chip is that it’s the same chip used in the iPhone X. So, if you decide the iPhone X isn’t right for you, you can still enjoy a ton of power in the much more affordable iPhone 8. Comparing the A11 to the Snapdragon 835 almost isn’t fair. The A11 outpaces the SD 835 by a pretty good margin. The Galaxy S8 comes with twice as much RAM but Apple’s optimization in their devices often makes comparing RAM a pointless endeavor. Both devices will be snappy and quick, no doubt. However, the A11 has set up the iPhone 8 very nicely against the competition and offered some measure of future-proofing for the device. In this part of the iPhone 8 vs Galaxy S8 comparison; the iPhone 8 gets the nod.

Again, when it comes to the camera, both devices are neck and neck. Comparing the iPhone 8 vs Galaxy S8 is like comparing pie and cake: both are pretty sweet. On the back of each device is a 12-megapixel camera. The Galaxy S8 gets a slight edge over the iPhone 8 when it comes to the front-facing camera. 1-megapixel won’t matter to most people but if you care about selfies more than anything else then that might be a consideration for you. Apple added optical image stabilization (OIS) to the iPhone 8 this year which is an improvement over the iPhone 7. Only the iPhone 7 Plus last year offered OIS. The Galaxy S8 also has OIS so you can count on awesome pictures from both devices. It’s hard to pick a winner here since both are great cameras. Either way; you can’t go wrong.

As with all my device comparisons, I don’t want to get too deep into the iOS and Android debate. Both are great operating systems and each has their own strengths. The one area where I believe Apple has the edge is in updates and future support. The Galaxy S8 is beginning to get Android 7.1.1 and depending which variant you have from which carrier; you may or may not already be updated to 7.1.1. However, Android O is now revealed and Google devices will be getting the latest version in the coming days or weeks if their owners haven’t gone ahead and installed the new version already. Galaxy S8 owners will likely be waiting several months for the update. This is in stark contrast to Apple who always pushes out updates to all compatible devices as soon as possible. If you get an iPhone 8 then you can bet you will get the latest updates as long as your device can run it. I say this as an admitted Android fan: Apple devices will always beat Android devices for future support with the one exception being Pixel and Nexus devices from Google.

There are some other small differences to consider when comparing iPhone 8 vs Galaxy S8. First is the fingerprint sensor. A lot of people have complained about the placement of the sensor on the Galaxy Note 8 and how it can lead to smudges on the camera sensor. The placement definitely seems like an afterthought to me. Some people, depending on the size of their hands or fingers, may prefer the iPhone 8. The water and dust resistance rating is also different on the two devices. The Galaxy S8 has the better IP68 rating which means it can take a longer, deeper dunk in water. Neither device will survive a drop to the bottom of the ocean but the Galaxy S8 can survive under up to 1.5M of water for 30 minutes. If you are a little clumsy then maybe you can count on the durability of the Galaxy S8 a little more. There is also the 3.5mm headphone port debate. The iPhone 8 obviously does not have one while the Galaxy S8 still does. For some people, this is a must-have feature in which case the choice would be clear. And finally, the price of each device is nearly identical. However, I have seen a few discounts popping up for the Galaxy S8 lately. As we get closer to Black Friday and the holidays, we will likely see more discounts for the Galaxy S8. The iPhone 8 price is unlikely to change in the short and medium term. Be sure to shop around as you may be able to find a deal on the Galaxy S8 in the coming months which may make it the winner according to your wallet.

In either case, you are choosing a quality device from two top manufacturers. I’m confident that either smartphone should leave you very satisfied with the choice you make.

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