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iPhone 8 Release Date Leaked On Social Media By Tipster

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Apple likes to keep its plans close to its chest, and where the iPhone 8 is concerned, that has meant we’ve so far had to put up with rumors. However, now it seems as though one prominent tipster, with some inside connections at the Cupertino-based outfit, has leaked the handset’s release date. Here’s what you need to know..

iPhone 8 Release Date Leaked

Who is the tipster? It comes via the well-known Twitter user Benjamin Geskin, a man who has made his name as a designer. Often he released renders of what he thinks Apple’s future iPhones will look like, most of the time with uncanny accuracy.

As for the leak, Geskin who tweets via @VenyaGeskin1, claims to have been given information via a contact at the company. This information purports to reveal the announcement date and then release date of the iPhone 8.

As you can see in the tweet above, Apple’s iPhone 8, will according to Geskin be announced alongside the iPhone 7s. This will supposedly happen on September 17, with the handsets going on sale on September 25. If this is true, it’s exactly what iPhone fans have been waiting for, as such it has caused a frenzy online.

However, here comes the soul destroying part, where we tell you to take this information with a pinch of salt. Why? Because, even Geskin himself, in a follow-up tweet admitted that the information needed to be 100-percent confirmed.

Sunday Evening Announcement?

While Geskin waits for confirmation of the dates his insider gave him, there are a couple of reasons why these dates could be inaccurate.

1. The date, September 17, falls on a Sunday, will Apple really want to announce its 10th-anniversary device at the weekend?

If true, this would be a departure from standard procedure for the company. It typically launches its flagship iPhone’s on either a Tuesday or a Wednesday.

2. The iPhone 7, 6S, and 5 launched on a Wednesday, the 6, and 5S on a Tuesday. So, it would appear that a Sunday evening, would be extremely odd.

Additionally, where it comes to the September 25 sale date, that’s a Monday, at it to strays from Apple previous pattern. Previous retail launches have seen handsets go on sale on a Friday or Saturday. However, could this be about to change?

To be honest, Geskin is yet to confirm or deny anything he has tweeted. So, all we can say is, it is within the realms of possibility, but would be an here to unseen/unparalleled change from Apple.

Late Release Rumors

Over the past few months and weeks, we’ve been reporting on apparent delays with iPhone 8 manufacturing. So, if Geskin’s release date tweet proves to be true, it could mean Apple has solved the problems which caused the delays.

However, some refuse to believe that the issue with relocating Touch ID under the iPhone 8’s display has been solved. Some, prefer to believe that the release date of the 10th-anniversarry device will be delayed until October or even November. Some more drastic rumors have indicated that the issues faced by Apple are so bad that, we won’t see the handset until early 2018.

Final Thoughts

As far as a September 17 announcement and a September 25 release date are concerned. We have reached out to Benjamin Geskin for clarification, however, so far have not had a response. It’s been some time since his much talked about tweet was published, and yet he has failed to elaborate. Or even confirm or deny his information’s authenticity, as such, we remain skeptical. Yes, unless Apple specifically, say’s an iPhone announcement won’t happen in September. We expect the handset to launch in that month. It’s just Geskin’s dates seem a little off the mark, and must be either confirmed or denied.

Now, while you wait with bated breath for, hopefully, some clarification, you may be interested in the following iPhone 8 information.

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