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The iPhone 8 Could Be Priced A Lot Lower Than Many Expect

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The fact that 2017’s iPhone, commonly referred to as the iPhone 8, will be the 10th-anniversarry device. Meaning its 10-years since the first Apple handset launched. Many industry insiders, analysts, rumor mongers, and fans expect it to be very expensive. So, expensive, in fact, that a starting low storage sized model, could set you back $1,000 USD. However, what if this line of thought is wrong, what if the smartphone’s price was a lot cheaper?

iPhone 8, Price, Cheaper than Expected?

While price isn’t exactly the most important thing, we don’t need to know for sure about right now. However, once the handset launches, it will become the deciding factor for many. So, if there’s a chance that all the rumors of the iPhone 8 price being high are wrong. We think it’s certainly worth exploring, especially, when you have analysts now predicting lower prices.

One such analyst is Steven Milunovich, of UBS, yesterday he predicted a more moderate opening price for the iPhone 8. That’s a starting price of $870 USD and a top end price of $1,070 USD.

Storage Variations

As for what storage you will get at these price points, this year’s device is being reported as starting at 128GB. Yes, that’s right, not 32GB, or 64GB. It appears Apple may have listened to the complaints of its customers and decided to up the capacities. That is, rather than include support for expansion via MicroSD cards.

Regarding the iPhone price, the $870, is expected to refer to the 128GB starting model. Where’as Milunovich expects the more expensive $1,070 model to come with 256GB of storage. Now, if this does turn out to be true, an iPhone 8 with 128GB of storage would be a great deal. One that could persuade many Android users to jump ship, and those older iPhone users who have been patient to upgrade.

Sales and Price Predictions

As for how Milunovich expects the iPhone 8 to sell, he has predicted that at the right price. It could account for as much as 45-percent of Apple’s handsets sales in 2018. However, he does indicate that this would depend on the handset actually being something of note. It can not have a similar design and contain only minor upgrades to existing technologies. To attain such a high share of overall handset sales, it must be everything the rumor mills have painted it to be.

But what do other analysts predict? Many have tried to predict the iPhone 8 price. In fact just a few weeks ago Simona Janowski, of Goldman Sachs, suggested higher, not lower prices. She suggested that the starting 128GB variant would cost $999 USD, while the 256GB variant $1,099. As for why the difference in pricing between Milunovich and Janowski, it could be simply down to technology expectations. Or the fact, that one of them has some insider knowledge, the other does not.

Additionally, analysts usually base their pricing estimates on factors relating to how much components may cost a manufacturer. However, considering, there is no official news, and many of Apple‘s partners will sign none disclosure agreements. It’s likely that the estimated cost of components could be one factor in differing analyst prices. Having said that, the consensus among almost everyone who suggests he or she knows anything about Apple’s plans. Is that the iPhone 8 price will make it the most expensive iPhone ever, probably in excess of $1,000.

Final Thoughts

While we wait for Apple to announce any small tidbit of information about this next smartphone, patience is in order. All we have to go on, for now, are rumors and analyst speculation, so be prepared to wait until probably September. That is yet again, the month in which the iPhone 8 is expected to launch.

As and when we discover more, we will let you know. However, in the meantime, answer this. How expensive, is too expensive for the iPhone 8?

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