Have You Noticed The Noise In iPhone 8 During Call?

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Have you noticed the iPhone 8 noise during call?

Apple’s latest flagship smartphone came out only a few days ago, and users have already encountered issues with it. One of the most-shared and annoying issues that the owners experience is the crackling noise coming from the speakers during calls. Reportedly, this doesn’t always happen, but when it does, it is more than disturbing. More importantly, it compromises the quality of the call.

Apparently, only cellular calls on the iPhone 8 Plus cause such an inconvenient occurrence. It is still unclear what could cause the unnerving crackling sounds. It is important to note that this issue doesn’t constantly occur but rather comes and goes. There are ways to temporarily solve the problem, like activating the speaker phone functionality. Still, it is hard to imagine iPhone 8 Plus owners walking around on the streets with the external speaker feature turned on. Another thing that solves the issue is taking calls with headphones on, which likely sounds like a smarter option than using an external speaker.

This is how the owners describe the iPhone 8 noise during call:

“It is a high-pitched crackle like an audio pop that happens in the earpiece top speaker intermittently during calls. Some calls are fine and others crackle. It is not audible on earphones or on speakerphone, only through the earpiece. The caller on the other end doesn’t hear it.

I don’t know whether this is hardware or software related, but one thing that made me think it’s software related is that if you switch on to speakerphone for a few seconds then back to earpiece, the crackles resolve for the duration of the rest of the call. If this was a hardware issue with the earpiece, doing this shouldn’t make a difference.”

It is suspected that this is rather a software-related matter. The key thing to note is that not all devices are affected, and more importantly, the owners used headphones and the speaker function to overcome the problem. Users have applied various methods to see the end of this issue and enjoy noise-free calls. Unfortunately, not even setting the noise cancellation helped fix the problem.

Apple is currently investigating this matter and we hope to know more about iPhone 8 noise during call very soon. If you are experiencing the problem, try to force restart your iPhone 8 and see if it helps.

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