iPhone 8: The New iPhone Release Is Taking Shape

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The new iPhone release from Apple is becoming ever more exciting, as rumors regarding the makeup of the iPhone 8 continue to accumulate. This is expected to be an outstanding and revolutionary smartphone, as Apple looks to acknowledge the tenth anniversary of the iPhone series. And the new iPhone release has already been linked with some outstanding features, with Apple ready to completely redesign the iPhone 8.

And a new leak from the Chinese social media website Weibo has provided an impression of screen protectors that may ultimately appear in the iPhone 8. These give us an excellent idea of some of the design fundamentals of this handset, and above all else how slim the bezels in the device may ultimately be.

Slashleaks picked up on the micro-blogging post in question, with the publication also noting that the iPhone 8 will probably come in a variety of colours based on this leak. These designs will then be paired with white and black bezels, as Apple attempts to create a striking exterior for its new iPhone release.


Meanwhile, new analytics data acquired by MacRumors suggests that the iPhone 8 is already being tested, and that this smartphone will feature an improved resolution in comparison to previous Apple devices. Legendary Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has already suggested that the iPhone 8 will benefit from quad HD resolution, with the 5.8-inch display included in the device capable of displaying 1,242 x 2,800 pixels.

Nww benchmark data fitting this resolution has emerged, suggesting that Apple is ready to release the first ever quad HD mobile in its existence. In all honesty, the resolution of the iPhone series has been due for an increase for some time, so the inclusion of a quad HD OLED display in this new iPhone release would be hugely welcome.

Wireless charging

New reports also suggest that the iPhone 8 will incorporate wireless charging, a feature that has been common in Android rivals such as the Samsung Galaxy series. Apple has already delivered this functionality in the popular Apple Watch smartwatch range, but it has hitherto failed to deliver wireless charging in a smartphone release.

Apple has begun working with the Indian manufacturer Wistron with the intention of introducing this feature in the iPhone 8. And Wistron’s CEO Robert Hwang commented that the new iPhone release will include new features “like waterproof and wireless charging.” Of course, the previous iPhone 7 release was significantly waterproof, hinting that Apple will ramp up the grading of the iPhone 8 to IP68.

The Wistron executive also suggested that the iPhone 8 will be significantly more complex to manufacture than the existing iPhone SE, indicating that Apple is producing a particularly ambitious smartphone this time out.

Surprisingly, the iPhone 8 may not be the only new iPhone release to benefit from wireless charging, with reports claiming that the technology will also be included in the iPhone 7S range. In order to ensure that this feature can be integrated successfully, Apple will construct the next generation iPhone 8 from glass, dropping aluminum from its design.

Apple has previously been linked with some extremely innovative wireless charging technology for the iPhone 8 generation, which would enable consumers to charge devices at a distance of 15 feet. If this is implemented Apple would suddenly surge from a position of not having a feature included in the Samsung Galaxy series to having a wireless charging system superior to anything else on the market.

Although the new iPhone release is not expected until September, a huge amount of details have still leaked into the public domain regarding the iPhone 8. There has even been debate regarding this release date, with some reports suggesting that the sourcing of OLED panels was causing these handsets to be significantly delayed. Indeed, one report from ValueWalk was picked up by Deutsche Bank, with the crux of the matter being that the iPhone 8 could even be delayed until 2018 due to logistical problems, supply chain issues and technical challenges.


The iPhone 8 is also set to be the most expensive handset that Apple has ever produced, with whispers in the media indicating that the price tag of this device will be in excess of $1,000. This can be considered a risky strategy in what will be an extremely competitive smartphone year, but Apple has unequalled brand penetration and customer loyalty, and coupled with the outstanding design and specifications of the new iPhone 8, the company can be confident of its success.

Camera and augmented reality

Central to the upgrades in the new iPhone release will be improved camera technology, with Apple strongly linked with a vertically-aligned dual-camera system, which will help deliver augmented reality. Apple has been strongly linked with this innovative and new technology recently, not least because the CEO of the company, Tim Cook, has offered his explicit backing to the concept.

Indeed, just this week Cook indicated in an interview that he is extremely excited about the augmented reality technology that Apple is currently working on, and it is believed that this will be implemented in the iPhone 8 generation.

“You’re talking about changing the whole experience of how you shop for, in this case, furniture and other objects that you can place around the home. You can take that idea and begin to think this is something that stretches from enterprise to consumer. There’s not a lot of things that do that,” Cook asserted.

With Apple pushing augmented reality so strongly, it seems a certainty that the technology will feature in its next-generation iPhone 8 release. This would mean that the camera included in the device will almost certainly be the best ever snapper that Apple has produced, probably with low-light shooting capabilities also improved over previous iPhone releases. Augmented reality could also be used in gaming.

The iPhone 8 is really beginning to take shape, and all the evidence suggests that this will be a significant step forward from last year’s iPhone 7. This will be important in a year in which the new iPhone release will be challenged strongly by the Galaxy Note 8 and Google Pixel 2.

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