iPhone 8 or iPhone 7S: What Will Apple Launch This Fall?

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A recent slowdown in iPhone 7 sales has been firmly blamed on rumors of an iPhone 8, or iPhone 7s according to Apple, CEO, Tim Cook. Just yesterday at the companies earnings call, he suggested that people were now holding off buying the current device in favor of waiting to see what may come in September. Whether it’s true or not is a question for debate; however, the company is set to launch another handset this year. It could be that alone which is putting people off purchasing, and not the rumors. As for what they can expect, here’s the latest.

iPhone 8 or iPhone 7s

As the next handset will be the 10th-anniversary device, it goes without saying that’s quite a milestone. One that Apple’s fans expect it to celebrate, the problem is, however, with the name. At this moment in time, we’ve become accustomed to seeing the companies smartphones numbered, so far we’re at 7. But, will the iPhone 8 be the next, or will we see a 7s or even something new like Pro or X?

Additionally, the rumored promise of an all-singing and all-dancing iPhone 8 has fans wishing for a truly groundbreaking device. One that will compete directly with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S8, and a future Galaxy Note 8. Such a device would be Apple’s most advanced smartphone ever and allow it to dominate the market for the latter half of the year and early next. The problem for Apple is, that to produce something like that, it would have to abandon its incremental upgrade strategy, meaning there would be no iPhone 7s. Now, if you’re a fan who believes the hype, here’s a look at what may be possible.

Edge to Edge Display

Whatever you think of the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus with their infinity displays, there’s no denying they’re gorgeous. In fact, right now, they are so far ahead of what Apple has to offer, that some fans are switching sides. So, the rumors that Apple will ditch IPS Lcd technology, at last, is good news, even if not 100% substantiated.

However, that’s not the crux of this rumor; instead, it’s about Apple and its drive towards an edge-to-edge display. The company has long talked about it, but now Samsung has provided it. So, it can be a pretty safe bet that this will appear on the iPhone 8.

Wireless Charging

Wireless charging, that’s the true kind where you can have a handset in hand and move around is still a dream. However, unlike the myriad of Android devices, which sport the form in use today. Devices, that charge by being placed onto a magnetic inductive charger. Apple according to rumors is working alongside Foxconn to take it to the next level.

If accurate, this would mean a user would have multiple base stations around their home. The stations would transfer energy to the iPhone 8 wirelessly. Meaning the user could continue to use it within the confines of a particular sized area.


With the possibility of a bezelless design being on the cards for 2017, it’s clear that Apple fans don’t see this as the ultimate upgrade. No, they want a more substantive change, Of course, if Apple does indeed provide such a design, it would mean the Home button and Touch ID need moving, many are hoping it doesn’t just slap its fingerprint sensor of the rear. That’s exactly what Samsung has done, to the consternation of many of its customers.

Additionally, rumors are pointing towards an all-glass front and back, along with curves around the edges. As well as new materials like stainless steel. However, the problem is, Apple remains tight-lipped about the handset’s existence, so these rumors can not be verified.

What Will Apple Launch?

Recent rumors from sources close to Foxconn, a critical partner of Apple’s in iPhone production has thrown a curve ball. It suggests that Apple has only placed orders for the 7s and 7s Plus. These obviously, if true would be minor upgrades of the existing flagship devices.

For a long time, rumors have pointed to the possibility that these two handsets could be launched alongside an iPhone 8. However, a new report has revealed that packaging for the next iPhones, ones that will launch in September, does not include the iPhone 8. You can read more about this ultimately fan dream shattering story here.

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