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iPhone 8: If The Rumors Are True, Forget The iPhone 7

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Recent leaks that have come straight from Apple’s supply chain, and from hoards of somewhat reliable technology analysts are suggesting that iPhone users who are looking to upgrade should probably skip the iPhone 7 completely. And instead wait for the iPhone 8 to be launched in September 2017.

Why wait for the iPhone 8?

It seems that everywhere you look at the moment someone somewhere has an opinion about this years not yet released iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. However, not all of those who speak about these handsets have good things to say! Almost the majority of analysts seem to agree that the iPhone 7 and its larger sibling the iPhone 7 Plus will be almost identical in design to the previous iPhone 6 line of handsets.

Instead of offering something completely new and exciting, these critics are instead suggesting that 2016’s iPhone’s will be little more than iterations, with the majority of improvements appearing under the hood. All of this negative hype has done nothing to quell the rumors about the handsets, but it has left some serious doubt in the minds of potential iPhone upgraders, who are now concerned as to whether they should bypass this year entirely and wait for the iPhone 8.

What’s being said about the iPhone 8?

So why would anyone want to wait for a handset, that won’t be launched for nearly 18-months and has not even been confirmed by Apple yet? Well according to new rumors coming from Apple’s own supply chain in China, the iPhone 8 will bring with it some huge changes and will undoubtedly shake up the iPhone line-up and maybe the smartphone industry as a whole!

Apple is said to have big plans for the iPhone 8, as next year marks the 10th birthday of the iPhone. And it does not want to miss an opportunity on such an important occasion. It’s being rumored that the iPhone 8, will indeed represent such a humongous leap in technology compared to what Apple currently produces. So much so, that the tech giant will pass on the S moniker to make way for the dramatic changes.

Dual-Edge Display

One of the the more lucid rumors doing the rounds, come from Kevin Wang, IHS Technology Director of Market research. He says that 2017’s iPhone will have a dual-curved display similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. And these curves will feature on either side of the display however, to make this happen it is thought that Apple would have to include some major tweaks in iOS 10 to make it work.

OLED Display

Other rumors have also suggested that the iPhone 8 will make use of OLED display technology, this follows a leak about a large scale order of this tech by Apple. As for what these panels may give a new iPhone, they are known for their vivid colors, deep blacks and excellent power efficiency.

In fact Apple already makes use of OLED tech in is Apple Watch, and its use within future iPhone’s would be considered to be a positive move for Apple. Seeing as the display technology is already used in many high-end Android smartphones.

iPhone 8 Sensor technology

Ultra Sound Fingerprint Sensor

In an article a few weeks ago you may remember, that I wrote about how Apple was thinking about removing the home button completely from the iPhone 8! Well, in newer related rumors, it is being suggested that the removal of the home button is directly related to Apple wanting to create an edge-to-edge display.

This edge-to-edge display would enable Apple to all kinds of new and wonderful things to the iPhone 8. And if one recent Apple patent, which has been granted is anything to go on, it look as though the Ultra Sound fingerprint sensor could be true!

So what will you do, will you skip the iPhone 7 and instead wait for the iPhone 8? Personally, I think it’s too early to make a decision like that. And I was looking to upgrade from say an iPhone 6 Plus, I would wait until this September and see what exactly Apple pulls out of its hat.

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