iPhone 8: Apple’s Manufacturing Partner Testing Wireless Charging Modules

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In all likelihood, the next year’s iPhone 8 will be a major upgrade over the current iPhones as Apple prepares to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its iconic product. The new device is rumored to be jam-packed with exciting new features, and have a new design. Nikkei Asian Review has learned from supply chain sources that Apple’s manufacturing partner Foxconn is actively producing and testing wireless charging modules intended for the iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 wireless charging module yield rates still very low

The wireless charging module is integrated into the iPhone itself, according to the report. However, it’s too early to say whether the feature can be incorporated in the iPhone 8. Sources told the Nikkei Asian Review that the yield rate of the wireless charging modules is very low. The module could be left out from the final product if Foxconn fails to improve yield rates to a satisfactory level in time.

It’s unclear whether all models of the iPhone 8 will include wireless charging functionality or whether it will be exclusive to only the high-end model. Though the rumor mill has widely dubbed the 2017 model as iPhone 8, some analysts believe that the device could be called iPhone 10. Apple expects the next year’s iPhones to boost boost declining revenues.

Apple has been working on wireless charging for a long time

The Cupertino company has been exploring a variety of wireless charging technologies for the next-gen iPhone. Though some smartphone makers already offer wireless charging solutions, they require the device to be placed on a charging mat. Apple is looking at extended wireless charging. Earlier this year, there were speculations that the tech giant was working with Energous, whose WattUp technology uses radio waves to charge handsets up to 15 feet away.

The iPhone maker has also hired engineers from wireless charging startup uBeam. In September, Apple indicated that it was looking for manufacturers that could supply wireless charging modules capable of high-energy applications like iPhones. The company could launch three models of the iPhone 8, including a 5-inch version.

iPhone 8 to have edge-to-edge OLED display

The 2017 iPhone is said to feature a glass back with a metal frame similar to the iPhone 4. The device will have an edge-to-edge OLED display. The home functionality and Touch ID fingerprint sensor will be embedded in the display itself. Sharp president Tai Jeng-wu confirmed last week that the future iPhones would sport an OLED display. Sharp is now owned by Foxconn.

A few days ago, tech blogger Robert Scoble said in a Facebook post that the iPhone 8 will be a clear piece of glass with other polycarbonates. He added that the phone’s battery and antenna bands will be hidden around the edges of the display, and the device will feature a 3D sensor from Primesense.

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