iPhone 8 Design Changes [ANALYSIS]

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Apple is set to significantly alter the design of the 2017 iPhone, with it generally being presumed that the consumer electronics giant will brand it as an iPhone 8. There is still some debate over even this matter, with some analysts suggesting that iPhone X could be a possible name for this handset; marking the tenth generation with a Roman numeral.

But what does seem certain is that this tenth anniversary release will be one of the most important in the history of the iPhone range. And Apple is expected to significantly change the design of the iPhone 8 in order to acknowledge this landmark.

All-glass iPhone 8 design

The first and most basic change with the iPhone 8 will be the switch to an all-glass design. This has been widely reported over recent months, and it is now considered that this design parameter is inevitable. Apple has always excelled in the physical design and presentation of its devices, and it will thus be interesting to see what the consumer electronics powerhouse comes up with for the iPhone 8. But expect something sleek and slim, as is Apple’s wont.

iPhone 8 renders Benjamin geskin Design
Screenshot Source: VenyaGeskin1/Twitter.com

OLED technology

Central to this process will be the introduction of OLED technology, which has, of course, proved so popular for Samsung in its Galaxy devices. The general consensus of opinion is that OLED is superior to the LCD technology that Apple has utilized in iPhone releases previously. But the screen technology would also be particularly beneficial for the Californian corporation as it promises greater efficiency with battery usage; something that Apple has been criticized for previously.

There is still some debate over the extent of OLED in the iPhone 8 generation, with reports suggesting that the Californian company is struggling to acquire enough screens to fulfil its grand plans. With Samsung being the major manufacturer of this technology, and also requiring OLED displays for its own Samsung Galaxy devices, there could be some wrangling ahead of the release of the iPhone 8.

iPhone 8 Patent
Image Credit: Apple Inc. / USPTO (screenshot)

Curved screen

Apple is also expected to produce the first ever curved screen smartphone from the company when the iPhone 8 range is unveiled. However, unlike the Samsung Galaxy S8, it is unlikely that this will encompass the entirety of the iPhone 8 series, with Apple likely to retain at least some flat panels. But the popularization of this technology by Samsung has made it a racing certainty that curved screens will indeed appear in the iPhone range sooner rather than later, with almost analysts expecting this to debut in the iPhone 8 generation.

iphone 8 or iPhone 10? Design
Image Source: YouTube

Wraparound display

Another major change with the iPhone 8 will be the slimming down of the bezels included in the device in order to deliver a wraparound display. This is already been populated with the release of the Galaxy S8, with Samsung featuring the concept prominently in its advertising campaigns. Apple is expected to follow suit with the iPhone 8, and produce a device in which the majority of the front panel is taken up by screen real estate.

Aspect ratio

Forbes has already revealed that Apple intends to introduce an aspect ratio of 18:5:9 with the iPhone 8, akin to the Galaxy S8 and LG G6. Chipset maker TSC has already revealed this to the media, ensuring that the iPhone 8 sports a more elongated appearance. Observers have already pointed out that this will make the back button included in the iPhone series harder to reach, but Apple designers are no doubt already addressing this problem internally.

Apple iPhone 8 Concept
Image Source: Thiago M Duarte / Ran Avni / ConceptsiPhone / YouTube video (screenshot)

New ‘function area’

Aside from the aspect ratio, other changes will also be made to the next-generation iPhone. The proposed elongated display area will mean that the overall design of the handset must be significantly tweaked. This will result in the function area, located beneath the screen of the smartphone, being modelled on the MacBook Pro Touch Bar.

Augmented reality camera

It is also believed that Apple is working on a camera to be included in the iPhone 8 that will embrace the augmented reality technology that the company has already spoken about publicly. Apple CEO Tim Cook already offered his enthusiastic backing for augmented reality as a concept, and the iPhone 8 is expected to kickstart and catalyse Apple’s efforts in this area.

Apple has certainly given no specific details regarding precisely what this could constitute, but both security and gaming features are anticipated by analysts.

iPhone 8 CAD Drawings
Image Credit: MySmartPrice.com / OnLeaks / YouTube video (screenshot)

No Home button

The alteration in the design of the iPhone 8 will mean that Apple scraps the Home button which has been a feature of the iPhone series since the first handset was released 10 years ago. This would instead be embedded under the display of the handset, allowing Apple to deliver the wraparound screen-dominated device, while also retaining the same handset size from previous generations.

Embedded features

It has also been suggested that the fingerprint sensor in the iPhone 8 will be embedded within the display as well. Whether there is any mileage in this suggestion remains to be seen, but it seems clear from rumors emanating from close to the Apple supply chain that the consumer electronics giant is serious about integrating numerous functions within the iPhone 8 screen.

iPhone 8 with no Headphone adapter
Image Source: Muhsin M. Belaal Auckburaully / DBS Design (screenshot)

Wireless charging

Finally, Apple is expected to finally incorporate wireless charging into the iPhone 8, which can be considered something of a design change. It will no longer be necessary for average smartphone users to plug their iPhones into the wall, instead the smartphone will charge wirelessly, with Apple using some pretty innovative techniques if reports are to be believed.

The consumer electronics mega-corporation will reportedly include a system in the iPhone 8 which will allow users to wirelessly charge their devices at 15 feet; a distance that has never been achieved previously. This would obviously revolutionize the Apple concept, and could also mean that some of the ports included in previous iPhone devices may be absent this time round.

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