iPhone 8 Concept Imagines Modular And Recyclable Apple Handset

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While we have yet to see the iPhone 7 emerge, and this forthcoming handset from Apple is unquestionably attracting a large amount of attention, some concept designers have already turned their talents to predicting the outcome of the iPhone 8. This next-next-generation smartphone could arrive in 2017, although based on recent Apple precedent it is more likely that the smartphone will be released in 2018.

iPhone 8 Concept Emerges

Thus, an iPhone 8 concept has recently emerged in Britain which suggest that Apple could take a modular approach to this handset. The concept has been produced by the UK designer Andrew Fox, and it is intended to be not a reflection of what Apple will offer with the iPhone 8, but rather a vision of what the creator would love to see delivered in a future iPhone units.

With this in mind, the designer has evidently undergone a great deal of consideration to produce a concept that is particularly innovative, being both desirable and practical. Whether the ideas included by Fox in the device would actually be implemented in reality, and whether Apple would seriously consider them, is certainly debatable.

Fox has stated while releasing his concept for the iPhone 8 that “Apple was born out of innovation, I’d like to see it stay that way.” There is a feeling that the company has focused too strongly on piling products high and selling them in large numbers in recent years, rather than delivering the innovative device ranges that it has been associated with in the past.

One of the most interesting and notable aspect of this iPhone 8 concept is that it is constructed from an economic material that enables the device to be both durable and non-slippery. Fox intends for the iPhone 8 he believes in to be an indestructible and modular device, with a design that he considers to be timeless. Fox in fact estimates that the design he has calibrated could last 10 years as a base model, although Apple would obviously make minor tweaks on an annual basis as is common custom for them.

Imagined specs

Aside from the physical design of the iPhone 8 unit, Andrew Fox has also provided some imagined specs and features with this concept device. Thus, the iPhone 8 would feature an OLED edge-to-edge display in three different sizes, 4-inch, 4.7-inch, and 5.5-inch. This obviously corresponds directly with the existing Apple product range, following the recent introduction of the 4-inch iPhone SE.

Fox also imagine a dual-camera setup, and a variety of attractive features which most notably include wireless charging and full waterproof capabilities. This is certainly not too fanciful, as both of these functions have been strongly linked with the forthcoming iPhone 7; never mind a smartphone that may not see the light of day for another 30 months.

Modular design

The modular design included in the smartphone also enables users to replace the battery, and several components of the smartphone. While this may be attractive to users desiring flexibility from the iPhone, it also seems to be the most unlikely aspect of this device. Removable batteries are not that uncommon in the smartphone marketplace, but it is not something that Apple has exactly encouraged, let alone would the corporation be likely to enable people to replace camera, processor and storage components.

Nonetheless, Fox suggests that this could be carried out by visiting the nearest Apple Store, reducing the need to upgrade, and also cutting down on the environment until impact of Apple products. This is perhaps something that is not particularly likely to ever come to light, and certainly not in the next couple of years, but it is food for thought for both owners of Apple products and the engineers at the consumer electronics giant.

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