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iPhone 8 Could Be Borderless With Curved OLED Display: Sources

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If September is the month, Apple will take to the stage and launch its 10th Anniversary iPhone 8, will the leaks come true? Of course, there’s no knowing for certain if that will be the case, so about six months is the time you will have to wait. However, if they are accurate, we could be in for a spectacular borderless iPhone. One that has nearly no bezels at all, and a curved OLED display. Here’s the latest on each and a few more interesting rumors thrown in for good measure.

iPhone 8 Borderless?

This first piece of information comes by way of a leak, and show new schematics shared via someone called KK, a Weibo user. As for the details, it looks like (according to this leak) the iPhone 8 will be almost the same length and height as the iPhone 7. However, it is clear to see that a larger display is present, measuring 14.65cm with a near borderless appearance. Meaning the bezels are still there but measure just 4mm, which isn’t exactly borderless, but as near as possible.

As for the leak itself, you can see possible iPhone 8 images in the tweet below. However, they also reveal what looks like a slim and narrow speaker above the display, with what looks like a sensor cluster and camera lens.

Curved OLED Display

We’ve been reporting about the possibility of Apple, at last, removing the old IPS Lcd panels from its handsets for some time. However, there have conflicting rumors, some which suggest otherwise.

Although now, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who is considered to be a reputable Apple Insider has added his piece to the chatter. He recently suggested that “People close to the matter” say the iPhone 8 will sport an OLED display. Furthermore, and in line with the borderless leak above the screen will cover the entire front of the 10th-anniversary device. As for the shape of the OLED panel, it will be flat on what looks like something similar to an iPhone 4 design. Although, it will be curved around the edges.

Function Area Touchscreen

According to the Express, the iPhone 8 will have an enormous edge-to-edge display. A display that falls in line with the leaks and insights of Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. However, the Express goes into a little more detail on what to expect including, what will replace the Home Button.

Apparently called the “Function Area Touchscreen” this depicts an iPhone 8 with a much taller screen than we’ve seen before. In fact, it would need to be, as it (according to the report) will house Touch ID and the replacement Home Button. Furthermore, it will contain a row of buttons that react to what’s on screen.

Could Apple be trying to replicate what it has on the MacBook Pro Touch Bar, in the form of a row of virtual buttons? If this latest rumor is accurate, it certainly seems so. As for additional functionality, auto-correct suggestions, menu items, and more could be brought to the fore.

October or November Launch?

Could Apple be about to miss its first September launch deadline? If recent reports are to believed, it will. And, it won’t be by choice, as apparently there are some, what seem like insurmountable issues with the OLED panel. Issues which some reports point towards the OLED lamination process as being the cause, and some towards the incorporation of a 3D sensing system.

However, other reports have firmly laid the blame at the feet of Touch ID, and Apple’s insistence that it be beneath the OLED display. This apparently has led to production problems, which mean the iPhone 8 won’t be ready for September in its current form. To counter this, Apple will apparently, place Touch ID onto the rear of the next iPhone as a compromise. Doing so will allow it to meet its self-imposed September deadline, but create the same back camera lens smudging issue seen on the Galaxy S8.

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