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iPhone 7 Wishlist Of Possible Features

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With Samsung having now unveiled its flagship Galaxy S6 smartphone, Apple will already be working on its response in the form of the iPhone 7. There will be pressure on Apple to produce a truly revolutionary iPhone this time out, as some families and observers believe that the iPhone 6 was a little conservative in its portfolio and specs. So what features would Apple fans like to see included in the iPhone 7? Here is a ValueWalk rundown of the most coveted suggestions.

iPhone 7 – Improved battery life

Apple has often been criticized for the relatively poor battery life in its mobile devices, and although there were efforts to improve this with the iPhone 6, there is still considerable room for improvement. It doesn’t perhaps bode well that already a possible criticism of the forthcoming Apple Watch is that its battery life is rather paltry for a smartwatch. But hopefully Apple will give due attention to this when the iPhone 7 is unveiled and ultimately released. At the very least, the consumer electronics giant should arm the iPhone 7 with a cell in excess of 3,000 mAh.

iPhone 7 – Force Touch display

Furnishing the iPhone 7 with its Force Touch display technology would also seem to be a natural development for the series. This is already confirmed as a major feature of the Apple Watch. And considering that Apple is certain to provide significant collaboration functionality with the Apple smartwatch and the iPhone 7, this feature would seem to be a logical inclusion. Force Touch Technology would be a particular boon for iPhone 7 users who utilize the smartphone to play games.

iPhone 7 – Wireless charging

Considering that there are already multiple Android devices that embrace wireless charging, and that its major rival Samsung has already announced this for the Galaxy S6, Apple should take note. Particularly when combined with the somewhat disappointing battery life of the iPhone series, wireless charging would be a very welcome function for users of the iPhone. This should definitely be filed under likely features for the iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 – Waterproof body

Another logical feature for the iPhone 7 would be a waterproof body. This is always a convenient aspect for smartphones, but particularly with the health-related functionality that Apple is pushing recently this would be a natural inclusion in the iPhone 7. Along with other suggested functions here, this is already included in numerous Android phones, and there will be pressure on Apple to deliver something similar. Price could be a consideration here, but Apple still has several months in order to develop this feature.

iPhone 7 – Sapphire display

This was one of the most hotly anticipated features of the iPhone 6, with a wide variety of analysts and sources suggesting that the iPhone 6 would ditch Gorilla Glass. This never came to fruition, though, and ultimately Sapphire Glass was not included in the iPhone 6, despite frequent tips to the contrary.

However, two facts continue to point to this as a possibility for the iPhone 7. Firstly, it is already known that Apple has bought up huge industrial quantities of this material. Secondly, Apple has included Sapphire Glass in the make-up of the Apple Watch, which confirms that the corporation is now ready to include it in its supply chain production. Whether this will come to fruition with the iPhone 7 remains to be seen, but we should certainly expect Sapphire Glass to be included in the iPhone at some point.

iPhone 7 – Improved storage and memory

The iPhone is a premium smartphone series, and indeed the most successful in the world. Although there is a very large affordable smartphone niche – which Apple has frequently been rumored to target with a more affordable version of the iPhone – the iPhone series is intended to be a premium device.

It would therefore makes sense for Apple to ensure that the base model of the iPhone 7 is superior to previous iterations of the smartphone. In this day and age, an iPhone must feature at least 2 GB of memory and 32 GB of storage. This should be the minimum spec requirements for the most affordable version of the iPhone 7 if Apple is serious about producing a top-quality device.

iPhone 7 – Dual-Lens Camera

The iPhone has always been a decent smartphone for taking photographs, and rumors already indicate that Apple is considering seriously upgrading the camera this time round. There are murmurings of a dual-lens camera, and also a unique periscope-like device.

iPhone 7 Wishlist Of Possible Features

The format of these two suggestions implies that Apple will include a snapper in the iPhone 7 which is capable of professional quality photographs. This would be a massive advantage for the iPhone series, and could attract even more punters to what is already a hugely successful smartphone.

iPhone 7 – Quad HD

No-one could possibly accuse the iPhone of lacking quality, but the resolution of the iPhone 6 screen was still a little bit disappointing. Apple is definitely lagging behind Samsung in this department, and the iPhone 7 must surely address this. This will be particularly important for Apple, as it looks as if Samsung will include a 4K screen in the phablet-sized Galaxy Note 5.

So the minimum requirement for the iPhone 7 should be a quad HD resolution for the iPhone 7 Plus, and a full HD iPhone 7 smartphone. Some Apple fans will hanker after a 4K iPhone 7, but this looks unlikely based on specifications of the iPhone 6.

iPhone 7 – Curved screen

Finally, Apple has already applied for, and had approved, a patent for a form of curved screen technology. This is utterly logical considering that this trademark of Samsung has become a major aspect of consumer electronics. Samsung has produced a curved display version of its Galaxy S6 smartphone, and is strongly expected to follow suit with the Galaxy Note5. Apple will never be left behind in the design department, but they should definitely strongly consider offering consumers the option of a curved screen iPhone.

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