iPhone 7 Will Look Same As iPhone 6S [REPORT]

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It looks as though some big hitters are now singing from the same sheet as me and my colleagues here at Valuewalk have been over the last few months. As the likes of the Wall Street Journal, 9to5Mac and TheVerge are all reporting that this year’s iPhone 7 will take on the look and feel of its predecessor the iPhone 6S. And instead, it will be on the 10th anniversary of the iPhone with the iPhone 8 that Apple will introduce major design changes and new technologies.

iPhone 7 Will Look Same As iPhone 6S [REPORT]

More iPhone 7 Rumors

Touching again on the report via The Wall Street Journal, whilst it does suggest that the iPhone 7 will closely resemble the iPhone 6S. Its reporter suggested that is could be a much thinner handset, thanks mainly due to it not having a headphone jack, which is something else that I, reported on a few weeks ago.

A Waterproof iPhone?

Apart from the loss of a headphone jack, it also seems that Apple is looking to play catch up and provide a waterproof handset. Exactly how waterproof no one knows, but if you’re holding out for Apples next release, I would be betting on an IP68 level rating.

This would mean that the iPhone 7 is “protected from immersion in water with a depth of more than 1 meter,” according to the IEC. The usage case supplied for this is “Rain, splashing, and accidental submersion.” A rule of thumb for this would be submersion for up to 30 minutes at a depth of no more than 1.5 meters.

Redesigned Antenna

Even though we now have one of the biggest newspapers in the World reporting on the iPhone 7, what you should know is that it no more than anyone else has access to information from Apple, so what is being talked about are still rumors. And as such, the redesigned Antenna rumor seems to be sticking. If accurate, this will lead to a cleaner look for the iPhone 7’s backside. As for how this will improve or impact upon functionality, who knows?

Deep Blue

If you’re a fan of the color Space Gray, you may want to cover your eyes. As it continues to be reported that Apple may do away with the somber color and instead opt for Deep Blue! However, this rumor comes straight from the well-known designer Martin Hajek. He’s been quite prolific in drawing up some quite excellent iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 designs of late, one being the Deep Blue that has been picked up by the rumor mill.

However, the thing that is pretty interesting about Hajek and his designs is, he always seems to come up with something very close to what ends up being the final iPhone design. So it could be that he has some insider knowledge or he’s a psychic masquerading as a designer! Whatever he is, personally, I hope the Deep Blue iPhone 7 becomes a reality.

Screen Size

Will Apple stick with its accustomed LCD panel? Or will it switch over to make use of the millions of OLED panels it has been reportedly buying from Samsung, who knows? However, what is being talked about as if it was a given, is the fact that the two variations of the iPhone 7 will feature 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch displays.

As for specifications, Apple as of yet has not produced an iPhone that has Full HD resolution. However, it can no longer stay this far behind the times and just rely on the loyalty of its customers. Surely that means, this time around Apple has to address its falling sales figures with an iPhone 7 featuring at least a Quad-HD display!

No Home Button

Is it a little early for Apple to release an iPhone 7 with no Home Button? It has the patents in place to develop a handset that has no physical buttons, but will the iPhone 7 be too early? Recent rumors have suggested that Apple is working on significantly redesigning the iPhone 7, however, I believe those rumors have become confused with what is being said about the iPhone 8.

Personally, I prefer to believe that Apple will stick with a near iPhone 6S design and keep the Home button for this Septembers release, instead opting to wait for 2017 to bring in any major new changes.

Dual Camera, Yes or No?

OK, people have been talking about this Dual Camera thing for months now, and at one point it was being reported that the iPhone 7 would feature it. However, when the iPhone 7 Plus design started to be circulated around the internet it showed a rear panel with the cut out for what looked like Dual Camera tech.

So as you would expect, this led to people quashing the standard iPhone 7 having a Dual Camera rumor! Seriously, no one really knows, yes, apparently workers from Apple’s supply chain partner Foxconn have leaked images, but they have done that before. This time, however, the leak suggests that the manufacturer has been experiencing issues implementing the technology.

Increased Storage Capacity

Mac Otakara is a Japanese site, which is supposed to have some connections with the Asian supply chain and Asian accessory manufacturers. The site is often referred to as a place to go to and find reliable sources of Apple rumors. Recently it reported that Apple would be scrapping its base model 16GB variant in favor of starting with 32GB.

Also, if these rumors are true, Apple could be about to increase its top line storage variant to 256GB. This would be a huge increase in top line storage and could go a long way to convincing people to switch over or upgrade to the iPhone 7.

Final Thoughts

Will these rumors come to fruition? I don’t know, but the big deal here is that from the very first iPhone, Apple has stuck with introducing a new iPhone design every other year. However, it looks as though Apple is about to drastically change this pattern. Which is usually referred to as tick-tock by saving the major redesign until 2017 with the iPhone 8 and the 10th anniversary of the smartphone series.

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