iPhone 7 Rose Gold Rear Casing Shows No Dual Camera

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Over the last month or so everyone here at Valuewalk has spared some time to cover the news and wide ranging rumors about the iPhone 7. Most of these rumors are coming from secret sources of information or the odd leak online of supposedly production images of the iPhone 7. However, it’s round about this time in the rumor cycle, that things start to hot up a little and we start to see rumors that where thought to be fact quashed by those people over in China. Those who actually make the thing, and from time to time leak information to the press!

iPhone 7 Rose Gold Rear Casing Shows No Dual Camera

iPhone 7 with No Dual Camera!

Today a new leak /rumor has come to the attention of Apple fans and the press, which seems to put to bed the idea that the iPhone 7 will have Dual camera lenses. Now depending on whether you where in the in for Dual Camera lens camp or the Out for Dual camera lenses camp you may be happy or a little disappointed by this news.

Coming from China’s Weibo, this leak / rumor comes with an image to back it up. The image shows the rear panel of Rose Gold iPhone 7 variant. The image shows that this new iPhone will indeed have redesigned antenna lines, and if you look to the far top left of the back panel to where the camera is normally housed. You will see that it clearly shows a single camera lens, not a dual lens. Don’t be mistaken and think that the LED flash is a smaller lens because it isn’t!

iPhone 7 Plus Dual Camera Lens

So is this definitive proof that the iPhone 7 will not have a Dual Camera lens? Who knows, to be able to honestly answer that one, we will have to wait until Apple announces the handset. In the meantime all we can do is speculate some more and suggest that if the standard iPhone isn’t getting a Dual lens camera then maybe the iPhone 7 Plus could be.

As for other iPhone 7 related rumors, there are plenty to go around, just a couple of days ago I wrote about how Apple could be about to ditch the standard 16GB storage model of its iPhone range. And with the iPhone 7 start with a minimum of 32GB. Other recent rumors have suggested that iPhone 7 rumors have done enough to motivate Samsung into bypassing its expected Galaxy Note 6 handset and skipping that generation in favor of a Galaxy Note 7!

Another rumor coming from Japan, claims that Apple is ready to switch from its tried and trusted update cycle to one lat lasts for 3-years. And according to the rumor, the reason behind this is because there is little room left for major enhancements with smartphones in their current form factor. However according to yet more rumors Apple is working on an iPhone 8 that could bridge the technological gap and make its smartphones truly innovative again!

In my opinion, whatever Apple is doing it must surely have its own and its customers interests at heart. After what has been a seriously lacklustre period in iPhone sales can it seriously be consider making the iPhone 7 just an iteration of its predecessor?

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