iPhone 7 Release Date: September 7

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According to the latest reports Apple is set to unveil the new iPhone 7 on September 7.

Bloomberg has run a report which reveals the announcement date for just under a month’s time. The iPhone 6s was announced on September 9 last year, and the timing is similar to other previous iPhone announcements.

iPhone 7 Release Date: September 7
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iPhone 7 to be announced September 7, according to Bloomberg

“The new [MacBook Pro] computers have been in advanced testing within Apple since earlier this year, said one of the people, who didn’t want to be identified discussing products before their release,” Bloomberg said in a report on Wednesday morning. “The MacBook Pros aren’t likely to debut at an event currently scheduled for Sept. 7 to introduce next-generation versions of the iPhone, according to one of the people. Apple spokesman Bill Evans declined to comment.”

Previous rumors have suggested that the iPhone 7 will get rid of the headphone jack, with wireless Bluetooth headphones or buds that connect to the Lightning port on the cards. Apple may also introduce a new home button that has haptic feedback. It has been suggested that the upcoming handset will look a lot like the existing iPhone 6s, with a major redesign being saved for the 2017 iPhone.

Commentators are not that excited about the upcoming Apple smartphone, with the rumor mill already focusing on the 2017 edition. The only design changes that look likely to happen for the iPhone 7 are antenna lines in different places and a larger camera lens.

Rumors continue to swirl

Other rumors allude to the fact that the larger Plus model might get a dual-camera system, improving photo-taking capabilities. This could be an attempt to drive sales of the larger model.

An official confirmation about the launch event will likely be made in the next few weeks. If it does occur on September 7, the event will compete with Sony’s PlayStation event for media attention. It is thought that the Japanese company is planning an announcement on the PS4 Neo.

An alternative theory has been put forward by renowned leaker Evan Blass, who claims that the iPhone 7 will be announced on September 16. However Apple enthusiast John Gruber also suggested that the iPhone 7 event was scheduled for September 7.

iPhone 7 as part of virtual reality system

One less popular rumor raises the possibility that the iPhone 7 could bring a major innovation to the table in terms of virtual reality capabilities. Jason Perlow of ZDNet points out that there have been no recent rumors on the iPhone 7 display, and believes that Apple may have been secretly developing a larger iPhone 7 version with a 4K display.

To back up his point of view he explains that in April 2015, technology company Sharp announced that it was working on 5.5-inch 4K IGZO smartphone screens with 806 ppi resolution. However the company started to struggle financially and was acquired by Foxconn, a major Apple supplier.

Perlow believes that the iPhone 7 Plus, or a rumored iPhone 7 Pro, could be fitted with a 4K display. This would offer major performance advantages. IGZO technology makes for more impressive luminosity, accelerated reaction times and improved battery efficiency on top of better pixel density and resolution.

Stiff competition in the flagship smartphone market

The rumored dual-camera system could also be put to use in virtual reality. A double lens would allow iPhone 7 owners to take 3D photos. At the same time a rumored docking connector could be used for a keyboard, and could turn an iPhone 7 Pro into “the brains of a virtual reality/augmented reality headset.” The connector could also put the phone into a headset, just like the Samsung Galaxy smartphones fit into the Samsung Gear VR headset.

It may be that Perlow has got completely carried away with a virtual reality fantasy, but it is an interesting thought. Such a system would certainly mark the iPhone 7 out from its competition in the high-end smartphone market.

One of the biggest rivals to the upcoming Apple smartphone is the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The phone has launched a full month before the rumored launch of the iPhone 7, in a move that could help Samsung steal customers away from its rival.

The Korean tech giant is also marketing its new phablet aggressively. It is offering the Gear Fit 2 smartwatch as a gift with the Note 7 in South Korea, and has promised to pay half of the repair costs if the smartphone screen gets broken.

In the U.S., buyers can choose from a free Gear Fit 2 or a 256GB microSD card when they buy a Galaxy Note 7. These kind of promotions could make Apple’s job even more difficult when it comes to shifting an iPhone 7 that many people are less than thrilled about.

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