Mock-Up Of Apple’s iPhone 7 And iOS 10 Presented In Video

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Not presented as a leak or an assembly of rumors, has created a video that shows what they believe we will see from Apple when the iPhone 7 is released this fall.

Mock-Up Of Apple's iPhone 7 And iOS 10 Presented In Video

iPhone 7 video runs contrary to display rumors

Between New Year’s Eve and St. Patrick’s day is iPhone rumor season. While not as official as those two holidays, it’s a real thing. Apple’s tight-lipped approach to its iPhone releases means that’s generally all we have and we’re as guilty of perpetuating these rumors as other sites. While rumors and “leaks” from the supply chain may occur outside of these months it really is a January to mid-March affair ahead of Apple’s unveiling of its newest iPhone model. has just released a video that shows what they believe, or just what they would like to see, the iPhone 7 will look like. Firstly, the mock-up features an iPhone 7 with a borderless OLED screen for maximum contrast. While the video certainly makes it look sexy, most Apple sites have dismissed the idea of an OLED screen for the iPhone before 2018. That phone would presumably be the iPhone 8 after 2017 sees the release of the iPhone 7S or some upgrade of this year’s iPhone 7.

The video imagines this phone’s OLED display incorporating a multi-functional home button that would also host Apple’s Touch ID.

Apple to ditch the headphone jack for iPhone 7

The mock-up does, however, feature a slimmer iPhone as many elsewhere are calling for owing to Apple ditching the 3.5mm headphone jack found standard in most phones. By ditching the headphone jack and presumably allowing users to connect wired headphones via the slimmer Lightning connector, Apple could save a millimeter of thickness, and also potentially free up space for reverberation chambers that would take the iPhone 7s speakers to a new level. These reverberation chambers have been shown in a patent application and are already employed in the iPad Pro.

Via Bluetooth, users could also go wireless with their choice of equipped headphones.

There are other potential uses for the space and is calling for their iPhone 7 to boast Apple’s largest battery yet with a 3000 mAh powering the device. Additionally, the mock-up says the iPhone 7 will have the Apple A10 chip with an integrated M10 motion co-processor along with 3 gigabytes of RAM.

Mock-up looks at iOS 10

Once again, all of this is essentially fantasy but it wouldn’t come as a tremendous surprise if Apple did indeed begin offering a new iOS this year with the iPhone 7 and iOS 10 would be the logical choice for a name. believes that iOS 10 will allow gestures in the home button that would keep the phone locked but allow for telephone calls and messaging inside the home button. It must be said that the video makes it look pretty cool and perhaps even something that Apple should look into for its next iteration of iOS.

Additionally the mock up shows gestures being used in the app icons that would provide additional information. For example the iTunes key would enlarge and show what it playing without taking up the full screen. The mock-up also shows the weather app becoming a larger icon through a simple gesture that could give you the five-day forecast without opening the app in full-screen.

Once again, none of this might come to fruition in March when Apple will likely introduce the world to the iPhone 7. What we do know is that the rumors will continue and that Apple will likely surprise us with something that nobody guessed as they have done in the past.

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