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iPhone 7 Price And Specs [RUMORED]

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If the rumor mill is to be believed about the possible announcement date of the highly-anticipated iPhone 7, then it is almost sure that a date around September 5 or 6 is likely. This would mean that the day it becomes available to buy would probably be September 16. But has anything new been leaked?

iPhone 7 Price And Specs [RUMORED]
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iPhone 7 price

According to the latest rumors around the web, the price of the iPhone 7 could fall in line with the prices of the 6s and 6s Plus. This information was leaked via Weibo and mentions that it is because the cost of an iPhone rarely varies from year to year. The standard iPhone 7 model is expected to be priced around US$649, £539 GBP, and AU$1079. For that price, you will likely get a starting storage capacity of 32GB, which is great news considering that 16GB had been deemed to be too small for iOS 10 and a decent amount of apps, images, and other media.

As for the top end of the price range, the iPhone 7 is expected to be more expensive than 128 GB the iPhone 6s, which was at US$849, £699, AU$1379, but it is being said that for this price, 256GB of storage will be on offer.

For the moment, there is some confusion about whether there will be a 64GB or 128GB middle variant available. A recent leak from the Chinese WeChat site has built up some consensus on prices for all three sizes, but sources cannot agree on what the actual cost of a 64GB or 128GB iPhone 7 will be.

Water resistant iPhone 7

Apple has long been focusing on improving the durability of the iPhone. In fact, it was the so-called “Bendgate” scandal of 2014 that pushed the company to include reinforced aluminum in the iPhone 6s, but the latest rumor suggests that with the iPhone 7, Apple is likely to go much further.

According to Mac Otakara, there are some iPhone prototype units with “ruggedized” features. Previous rumors had suggested that Apple was looking into using silicone seals to protect the entry points of the iPhone 7 and an encapsulated system for chips. Since then, Apple’s supply chain has confirmed that we will see an iPhone 7 with waterproof or water resistant features. One such feature is “Pixel Eyes,” which is now apparently in its second generation and allows the use of the handset’s screen while a user has wet fingers.


It is widely known that Apple annually alternates between major design changes and minor ones. In 2016 however, that is expected to change, with the overall consensus being that, for the second year in a row, we are likely to see a new iPhone with little-to-modest design changes from its predecessor. As for what will be different, there yet again seems to a consensus around what to expect. The replacement of the headphone jack with a smart connector and the repositioning of the antenna bands are likely to be the most prominent of differences.

Sapphire glass

With the iPhone 7, we could see the inclusion of sapphire glass instead of Corning’s Gorilla Glass, which was used on previous Apple handsets. This glass is believed to be as tough as Gorilla Glass and not easily breakable, as is demonstrated when an Apple Watch is dropped. The watch already uses Sapphire Glass to protect it.

Wireless charging

Considered to be behind the times, Apple is expected to catch up with rivals like Samsung, which has been using the wireless charging feature since the launch of the Galaxy S6 Edge. If you believe what critics are saying about Apple and its recent fall in iPhone sales, then this year it cannot afford to lag behind its rival anymore, so including wireless charging in the iPhone 7 makes sense.

Fan-out technology

Another rumor, this time from etnews, suggests that Apple will use Fan-Out technology to help increase the amount of I/O terminals it can place within a package. This means that the iPhone 7 could be as thin as the rumors are suggesting at 6.1mm. It also could mean that the handset will have an increased battery capacity when compared to previous models.

Furthermore, It is believed that the use of this technology is what has influenced Apple to replace the standard 3.5mm jack.

iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Pro, iPhone 7 Pro specs

iPhone 7 variant spec sheet

Final thoughts

What do you want to see from Apple in its next generation of the iPhone? We know what we’d like to see, and it amounts to a long list of some features that could be possible to others that will never happen.

Three screen sizes: Yes, it is great news that there could be three iPhone 7 variants on sale in a little over a month’s time, but how about a 4.7-, 5.2-, and 5.5-inch selection? Each handset would offer more real estate, giving users more choices about size!

As for other not-talked-about features, how about expandable storage? iPhone users have long been crying for the ability to supplement the often small capacities found in previous iPhones with a memory card, but these cries have always fallen on deaf ears. However, the inclusion of expandable storage probably would not allow Apple to make as much money from its iPhones with higher storage capacities, so that’s never going to happen!

What features would you like the iPhone 7 to have that are not often talked about: a curved display, improved display resolution, Look ID, or an unbreakable screen?

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