iPhone 7 Plus: What To Expect From Apple?

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While the iPhone 7 remains the mainstream Apple smartphone, the consumer electronics giant has shown more commitment towards producing phablets in recent years. The iPhone Plus range has been pretty successful for the California-based company, and thus there is much anticipation regarding what Apple will come up with for the next generation iPhone 7 Plus.

It seems that Apple will put even more energy into its phablet range this year, as it has been widely reported that the consumer electronics behemoth will release a new iPhone 7 Pro alongside the iPhone 7 Plus this year. This anticipated phablet may have slightly improved specs over the standard iPhone 7 Plus phablet, but recent reports suggest that one upgrade linked with the iPhone 7 Pro may also make it into the more populist iPhone 7 Plus.

iPhone 7 Plus: What To Expect From Apple?

iPhone 7 Plus dual-camera

The renowned Apple leaker Ming-Chi Kuo had previously reported that the iPhone 7 Pro will ultimately receive a dual-camera setup that will greatly enhance its photographic capabilities. But the KGI Securities analyst now also states that the iPhone 7 Plus will receive this camera technology when it is launched in what is likely to be September.

Kuo also indicates in his latest analysis of the Apple phablet that the iPhone 7 Plus will be armed with 3GB of RAM in order to handle the increased image-processing requirements of the handset. It seems that Apple will place a greater emphasis on the photographic capabilities of its device range in 2016, with a particular intention of distinguishing them from the more mass market iPhone 7 smartphone.


Although the iPhone 7 Plus will be a next generation smartphone, as indicated by the new numeral in its branding, it is probable that the pricing will not particularly reflect this. Apple actually increased the price of the iPhone in the iPhone 6S generation, and it is highly likely that the consumer electronics giant will freeze the price of the iPhone 7 as a result. This should apply to both on-contract and off-contract versions of the smartphone.

Headphone jack

It is also expected that Apple will eliminate the common headphone jack from the iPhone range in 2016, and that this will apply to the iPhone 7 Plus as well. Apple is reportedly working with wireless technology to replace the more dated headphone jack system, and this will likely be implemented when the iPhone 7 Plus is released. The Cupertino-based company will be committed to investing more energy in promoting the music-playing capabilities of its devices following its rather expensive purchase of the Beats technology and branding.


Apple usually likes to update the iPhone Design in each new generation, but it seems likely with the latest smartphone that changes will be minimal. A supposed image of the iPhone 7 Plus has already emerged, and this featured precisely the same dimensions as the iPhone 6S Plus from last year. We can thus assume that the 7 Plus will be 77.9mm wide and 158.2mm tall.

However, Apple has always been a committed to producing ever slimmer smart phone devices with each new generation, and it is likely that the iPhone 7 Plus will be slimmed down somewhat in comparison to previous devices.

Smart Connector

Early reports on the iPhone 7 Plus also suggest that the phablet will feature a Smart Connector, which will be utilized for both data transfer and power recharging functions. This technology is already resident in the iconic Apple iPad range.


There have been rumors in some quarters that Apple will increase the screen size of the iPhone 7 Plus, but this seems somewhat unlikely. Apple has never been particularly focused on producing the largest displays in the industry, and it seems doubtful that the corporation would choose to focus on this now.

However, Apple could choose to upgrade the resolution included in the iPhone 7 Plus, delivering its first ever quad HD phablet. This would seem to be a sensible move considering that Apple has fallen significantly behind other manufacturers in this department. But the market-leading mobile manufacturer has never felt pressured to follow industry trends in this area, and if Apple believes that quad HD resolution will hamper the performance of the iPhone 7 Plus, it will not upgrade the resolution of the phablet.


A leak on the Chinese social media site Weibo suggests that Apple will slightly increase the battery capacity of the iPhone 7 Plus. This will be extremely welcome considering that Apple devices have been somewhat criticized for their paltry battery life in recent years. These leaks suggest that the iPhone 7 Plus will feature a 2,810mAh capacity; slightly larger than the 2,750mAh found in the existing iPhone 6S Plus.


Aside from the dual-camera feature that will be one of the central improvements in the iPhone 7 generation, it is also expected that other developments will emerge in the photographic capabilities of this phablet. In particular, the aforementioned Kuo suggests that a 2-3x optical zoom function will feature in the iPhone 7 Plus for the first time.

The rear-facing camera in the device is likely to remain a 12-megapixel snapper.

Home Button

With the 3D Touch system having been introduced last year, at one time rumors were rife that Apple would abandon the Home button which has been such a characteristic feature of the iPhone range. But it seems now that Apple will indeed retain the Home button, meaning that users of the iPhone 7 Plus have more than one option in order to navigate the device.


Apple is also expected to bump up the storage of the iPhone 7 Plus significantly, with an increasing premium being placed on the amount of storage capacity in premium mobiles. This will be particularly important if Apple indeed decides to increase the screen resolution of the device as well. Thus, the most expensive version of the iPhone 7 Plus is likely to feature 256GB of native storage, and there has been speculation that Apple could introduce micro SD technology as well.

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