iPhone 7, iPhone 8: Apple Naming Strategy

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Apple may have to rethink how it is going to name the iPhone 7 and even a possible iPhone 8.

For years now, Apple has had a well-oiled naming strategy, which adhered to a relatively strict schedule that is often referred to as “tick tock”. The way it works is simple, every two years the iPhone gets a new design. And on the alternate year it gets what’s called an iteration, a handset with the same design as the previous, but with some internal spec improvements and fine-tuned software. This approach and naming strategy can be seen on the iPhone 4, 4s, iPhone 5, 5s, iPhone 6, 6s.

Apple Naming Strategy

For Apple, 2016 is the year of the “tick” method, so as you would expect the iPhone 7 should be relatively similar in design to the iPhone 6s, and have some software improvements. However, rumors are suggesting that Apple could introduce some radical changes to 2017’s “tock” method. And be about to introduce some serious design changes to what many hope will be the iPhone 8, with an edge-to-edge display and wireless charging just two of the rumored features to be included.

Naming the iPhone 8

What if all the rumors we’ve been hearing about the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 are true? Where does that leave the iPhone 7s? Well if Apple decides to stick to its naming strategy, then that is what we will have. However, the fact that by 2017 it will have switched over to its “tock” method will mean that the iPhone 8 / 7s may not look anything like the iPhone 7 at all! And this fact alone may force Apple to abandon its naming strategy and rethink how it names the iPhone.

Apple’s 10th Birthday

One reason for skipping ahead in the “tick tock” cycle would be to enable Apple to celebrate the iPhone’s 10th birthday in 2017 in style with an all new design iPhone 8 design. However, what I find a little confusing about this, is the iPhone 7 will be the 10th iPhone not the 8!

As for 2016, we’ve already started to see what are being called real iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus images being leaked from manufacturers in China. So it’s a safe bet to say that this September Apple will be sticking with tradition and launching the iPhone 7.

Personally for me and unlike many others, I like the current “tick tock” approach, it lets you know where you are within the iPhone generations and whether you chose a tick or a tock iPhone you always know roughly what you may get when compared to the previous handset.

Others prefer a more streamlined approach, and will as such welcome the more simplistic iPhone and iPhone 8 Monica. Hoping that Apple does away with any notion of an iPhone 7s and any likewise iteration.

iPhone 7, iPhone 8: Apple Naming Strategy

Apple’s no Stranger to Name Changes

Before the iPhone there was the iMac and iPod, for years Apple did not include any yearly reference to the generation of each model in their names. Instead, it was much more comfortable with a simplistic approach. It was not until the iPhone and the iPad arrived that Apple felt the need to change its naming strategy to include a generational indicator. So as you can see, with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 nothing drastic may be about to change, yes, the iPhone 7s may never exist, but does that even matter?

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