Apple Lists iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus On Website

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In case you hadn’t heard, Apple is expected to release the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus smartphones this Wednesday.

After seemingly interminable rumors, the time has apparently finally come for the new smartphones to be unveiled to the world. However before we get to see the phones for the first time, it looks as though Apple has listed the devices on its website. That is according to a new post from eagle-eyed Reddit user Jaspergreenham.

Excitement building over new smartphones

There have been so many leaks in the lead up to launch that it almost feels as though we know everything there is to know about the iPhone 7 already. That said there are a few details that we weren’t quite sure about, or at least there were until someone made the mistake of listing the new handsets on the Apple website.

Opinion is split on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, with some commentators describing the smartphones as an incremental upgrade that will struggle to match the astronomical sales of previous models. Others paint a rosier picture, saying that the new models will offer significant technical upgrades even if the overall design is largely similar to the existing iPhone 6s.

The update was spotted by Jaspergreenham, when he was looking at the accessories page of the Apple Hong Kong website. As you can see from the screenshot, the left-hand column has an option for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Web team makes early update to Hong Kong site

According to Jaspergreenham the error had been corrected once he refreshed the page. Although he didn’t get to see any other details, it does confirm that the devices will be named iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

The official announcement of the new smartphones will be made this Wednesday, before pre-ordering opens on September 9. In-store availability is expected for Friday September 16.

Among the expected changes is the removal of the 3.5 mm headphone jack. It is thought that Apple will get rid of the audio connector and use the Lightning connector or wireless Bluetooth audio to listen to music.

The move has been criticized by many commentators, who don’t want to have to buy new accessories. There have also been worries that existing Bluetooth audio technology cannot provide the same sound quality as wired headphones. However leaks suggest that the iPHone 7 will ship with wireless headphones, to be known as AirPods.

Haptic home button coming to iPhone 7

Another rumored change relates to the Home button. Reports claim that it will no longer be a clickable button, but a haptic unit that gives the feeling of a click while using touch technology.

It also looks as though there will be a new color for the iPhone 7. As rumor has it, the new smartphone will be available in a “Gloss Black” color that was last seen on the 2013 Mac Pro.

The new phones will ship with 2GB for the iPhone 7 and 3GB for the iPhone 7 Plus. This is likely due to the inclusion of a dual-camera system on the larger iPhone 7 Plus, which could be used for a processing-intensive function.

Apple is set to enter into competition with Samsung and others in the high-end smartphone market. Apple could have been handed an advantage after units of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 started to catch fire due to a problem with their battery.

Fierce competition in smartphone market

Samsung is currently working to replace those units that have been sold, while others will be returned to the company as part of a massive recall. As with any safety issue, this could discourage consumers from buying the Samsung smartphone and offer a boost to Apple.

Some commentators are lukewarm on the arrival of the iPhone 7 and are looking to the 2017 edition of the iPhone. Some are predicting that the tenth anniversary version of the Apple smartphone will be called the iPhone 8.

It is thought that the 2017 iPhone will mark the introduction of OLED displays to the Apple smartphone, following on from the introduction of the technology in smartphones from rival Samsung. The use of OLED displays by Apple has long been subject to speculation, with the move apparently slowed due to concerns over supply chains.

The iPhone 8 will also reportedly feature a major redesign. Obviously the launch of the 2017 iPhone is a long way, but as with everything related to Apple there is a huge amount of speculation already.

Keep your eyes out for updates on tomorrow’s event, which will mark the first time that we have heard any official information from Apple on the iPhone 7.

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