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Bezel-Less iPhone 7 Concept Gives iOS 10 Insight

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As rumors continue to circulate about the forthcoming iPhone 7 from Apple, one designer has produced a particularly detailed concept. And this latest design is particularly noteworthy, as not only does it seem plausible, it also gives indication regarding possible specifications for the device.

Bezel-Less iPhone 7 Concept Gives iOS 10 Insight

YouTube Bezel-Less iPhone 7 Concept

iPhone 7 concepts are perhaps known for being a bit outlandish, but this does not apply to this latest device featured on YouTube channel iPhone-Tricks.com. The short video that has been posted on the channel features an iPhone 7 running a future iOS 10 operating system.

Possibly the most notable physical aspect of this design is that it features a bezel-free OLED display. It has been persistently rumored recently that Apple may indeed switch to OLED technology in its next-generation smartphone, particularly considering that OLED has been so well received in the Samsung Galaxy range.

And an iPhone 7 completely free from bezels would certainly make sense, enabling the consumer electronics giant to arm the handset with a larger display, or possibly reduce the size of the iPhone unit overall. The design also suggests that the physical Home button will be removed, while Touch ID fingerprint recognition and support for additional gestures is also indicated.

New Home button

It is not surprising that this concept design includes the Home button integrated within the screen, as repeated reports have suggested that Apple is about to scrap this function. With 3D Touch having made a successful debut in 2015, it is believed that Apple is working on producing an iPhone unit entirely predicated on the pressure-sensitive technology.

Indeed, patents filed by the California-based corporation indicate that the company is already studying the possibility of removing the Home button in forthcoming iPhone releases. It has generally been believed that this would begin in the current calendar year, so it may be something of a surprise to see the physical Home button retained in the iPhone 7.

The bezel-less display is equally likely, with Apple supposedly considering producing a wraparound display as part of the procedure, after removing bezels from the device. Other evidence which suggests that Apple is about to significantly increase the size of the iPhone 7 display is the suggestion that Apple will remove the headphone jack in this generation. ValueWalk has reported on this possibility previously, with code within iOS 9 pointing to the likelihood of this in the foreseeable future.

With the iOS 10 operating system being depicted in the concept, it is interesting to note how the designer believes this will work out. There isn’t a huge divergence in this proposed software from the existing iOS 9 system, which is pretty much in line with the expectations of analysts and critics. Apple is certainly expected to updates the 3D Touch user interface when it produces the iPhone 7, but whether it will become an absolutely essential facet of iOS 10 remains to be seen. Certainly the concept suggests that it will.

In addition to this information, it is notable that the iPhone 7 concept offers a significantly more customizable home screen than previous releases. A widget-like feature is included, providing users with the ability to swipe down on an icon in order to reveal more information. Icons are also displayed in two sizes within this hypothetical system, and at the number of apps in the dock area can be expanded. With the 3-D Touch system predicted to play a greater role in the system, it is also possible for iPhone 7 uses to put the smartphone on standby by simply double-tapping the display. Turning the device on involves the same action.

Specs provided

Also included in this iPhone 7 concept is a raft of presumed specifications. Unsurprisingly, it is suggested that the iPhone 7 will ship with the Apple A10 processor resident, and an M10 motion coprocessor also included. This is hardly a radical suggestion, as Apple updates its chipset and processor every year.

One surprising area that this concept’s designers have predicted is that Apple will alter the size of the display slightly (or a great deal depending on whether this is the smartphone or the phablet). Last year’s iPhone 6S featured a 4.7-inch display, while the phablet-sized iPhone 6S Plus has a 5.5-inch screen. This particular concept device is armed with a 5.4-inch display; obviously suggesting that Apple will alter the screen in the iPhone 7 from previous releases.

Considering the removal of bezels from this concept, it seems that this must be the smartphone version of the iPhone 7, and thus a quite significant increase in the size of the screen is suggested. Apple is usually pretty conservative about making drastic decisions, but if the screen size of the next-generation smartphone is indeed increased by around 15 per cent, then it is likely we will also see the resolution of the device improved. So we might even witness a quad HD iPhone 7 to rival the existing Samsung galaxy S range, and possibly the larger iPhone 7 Plus could go even more detailed than this in pixel terms.

This concept device also includes a USB Type-C port, and Dolby surround speakers. The latter of these suggestions makes perfect sense, as Apple has been predicted to make music a much greater focus of the iPhone 7.

Apple challenges

There is no doubt that this iPhone generation will be extremely significant, not merely because it is predicted to be a revolutionary device, owing to its iPhone 7 moniker. Apple is facing significant challenges at the moment, and indeed the BBC prominently questioned recently whether the iPhone range is in decline.

Apple itself will point to the fact that the iPhone remains by far the most successful smartphone in the world, but investors are certainly becoming sceptical about the future of the company. The Apple share price has slipped below $100 in the last couple of weeks, and Apple’s revenue is still extremely reliant on the iPhone range, while growth in the Western world is proving extremely difficult to generate. It seems inevitable that China will play an increasingly important role in Apple’s strategy going forward.

Nonetheless, Apple will be looking to deliver something eye-catching an outstanding with the iPhone 7, and this concept is an early idea of what we can expect.

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