Will Apple Inc. release iPhone 7 in blue color?

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Now that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been officially unveiled to the public, the smartphone rumor mill swings its attention back to the Apple iPhone 7.

It is thought that the next generation Apple smartphone will be released this September, and excitement is growing. However one mobile network has apparently jumped the gun and revealed some details in a teaser advert.

Photo posted and later removed

From the looks of a picture posted on Facebook by China Unicom, the iPhone 7 may be available in a new blue colorway. The photo was later taken down by the Chinese mobile operator, but it had already been spotted by TechOrz.

There are four colors on show in the photo. The first three are Gold, Rose Gold and Silver, which are all colorways that commentators were expecting to see. The fourth is an entirely new blue color.

Previous rumors had suggested that a deep blue colorway might be coming to the iPhone 7. However those rumors were replaced by others which suggested that Apple would introduce a “Space Black” shade.

Blue iPhone 7 with dual-camera system?

The image also features a number 7, apparently confirming the name of the next-generation handset. Some commentators had suggested that the device would not be given a new number seeing as it is only expected to be a minor upgrade on the existing iPhone 6s.

In addition the image appears to show a dual-lens camera. Persistent rumors about the new camera unit have been swirling for some time. The prevailing opinion is that a dual-lens camera will make an appearance on the larger iPhone 7 Plus, or a new iPhone 7 Pro, but will probably not be made available on the standard iPhone 7.

This could be seen as an attempt to drive sales of the larger handset. Alternatively the introduction of an iPhone 7 Pro would bring the iPhone into line with other Apple product ranges and potentially entice power users to upgrade.

Rumors swirling ahead of predicted announcement

The image was published by a major Chinese mobile operator, which suggests that it is a trustworthy source. However there is always the possibility that the Chinese has been mistranslated, especially given that a blue handset has not been part of persistent rumors.

At the same time the removal of the original post would suggest that China Unicom has let something slip that it shouldn’t have. For now it’s best to take any rumors with a pinch of salt all the same.

Other rumors include pricing for the new handset, and the standard iPhone 7 will allegedly retail for $649. It is thought that this model will boast 32GB internal storage as Apple is reportedly doing away with the 16GB base model.

Sources claim that the iPhone 7 will be available in a 256GB version for $849. It is not clear whether Apple will release a 64GB or 128GB intermediate version.

More rumored features get commentators excited

According to certain rumors, the iPhone 7 will be made more durable than its predecessors. It is thought that the company will use silicone to seal entry points on the handset, and enclose the sensitive chips in small capsules.

It is also believed that Apple is working on making the iPhone 7 more water-resistant. There are murmurings of a feature known as “Pixel Eyes,” which will let you use the screen even if your fingers are wet.

The replacement of the headphone jack with a smart connector and a slight change in position for the antenna bands are likely to be the only major design differences between the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 7. It is thought that Apple will bring a raft of major innovations to its 2017 smartphone, which is already being labeled as the iPhone 8.

There is a chance that Apple will stop using Corning’s Gorilla Glass on the iPhone 7. One alternative would be to use sapphire glass, which is much harder to break. The latter is already used on the Apple Watch.

One area in which Apple has been lagging behind its rivals is wireless charging. That looks set to change with the addition of the feature to the iPhone 7.

Apple has its work cut out to keep up in the battle for supremacy in the high-end smartphone market. Samsung recently overtook Apple as the biggest selling smartphone maker in the U.S. market, and Cupertino will want to do all that it can to wrestle back that crown.

It looks set to be a very interesting fall in the flagship smartphone sector, with the recently announced Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and the Apple iPhone 7 going head to head. Here’s hoping that consumers benefit from the intense competition with the introduction of envelop-pushing handsets.

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