iPhone 7 And Galaxy Note 7 Will Both Have Dual-Cameras

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The latest news on the next generation of flagship devices from Apple and Samsung is that both the Galaxy Note 7 and iPhone 7 may feature dual-camera setups. Just to avoid any confusion, it is increasingly expected that Samsung will skip the Galaxy Note 6 in order to release a Galaxy Note 7 branded phablet before the year is out. The reasons for this have been reported by ValueWalk previously, but needless to say the decision seems to be motivated by marketing.

iPhone 7 And Galaxy Note 7 Will Both Have Dual-Cameras

iPhone 7 And Galaxy Note 7 with Dual-lens focus

It has been expected for a while that at least one of the iPhone 7 generation devices would feature a dual-lens camera, and rumors in this direction are now accelerating. The latest report from 9to5Mac suggests that the iPhone 7 Plus will indeed benefit from a dual-camera design, while the publication is also touting details related to the forthcoming iPhone 7.

9to5Mac focuses on some supposed case renders, which the source claims are from the forthcoming iPhone 7. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are both covered in this particular item of news, although there is no indication that Apple intends to release an iPhone 7 Pro from this particular news snippet. This remains a possibility, with some very credible sources suggesting that there will be three iPhone 7 device releases later this year, but certainly this is not confirmed by the case renders.

Aside from the dual-camera technology, it also seems clear that Apple will include a Smart Connector with even the bargain basement version of the iPhone 7, increasing the flexibility of this smartphone. But it will be the dual-camera technology that will particularly make Apple fans sit up and take notice, as this would be a major development in the photographic capabilities of the smartphone.

Another notable aspect of the case renders is that there is no space made available for a headphone jack, very much in line with previous rumors on the subject. It seems to be an absolute racing certainty that Apple will eliminate this common aspect of the iPhone range when the iPhone 7 is released, with the consumer electronics giant instead enabling users of its flagship mobile range to listen to music via wireless means.

Samsung follows suit

However, if Apple was hoping to gain a significant advantage over the Samsung phablet range, recent reports from East Asia seemed to suggest that this won’t be the case in the camera department. Samsung is also reportedly readying a dual-camera setup for the Galaxy Note 7, which just to remind readers is expected to release before the end of the calendar year.

Murmurings in China suggest that the Galaxy Note 7 will benefit from a dual-lens camera as well, although the report from China’s Zol – the leading IT portal website in China – suggests that the camera will only debut in the Galaxy Note 7 Edge. This will be a relatively similar approach to Apple then, with both companies effectively distinguishing a premium version of their mobile range by including a dual-camera setup.

Reports from close to the Samsung supply chain suggest that the camera in question has been developed by Samsung’s Electro-Mechanics branch, often referred to as SEMCO. This strongly suggests that the new technology will utilize a combination of sensors produced by Samsung itself, meaning that the corporation could look to sell the technology to other manufacturers in the foreseeable future.

iPhone 7 And Galaxy Note 7 Will Both Have Dual-Cameras

Release date leaked?

Meanwhile, as both Apple and Samsung gear up for some of the most major device releases in their history, it has been suggested by a prolific leaker of Android news that the Galaxy Note 7 release date has already been finalized.

Notorious gossip and soothsayer Evan Blass has taken to Twitter to suggest that the launch event for the Galaxy Note 7 is “almost exactly two months away”. It is notable that Blass was not confident enough about the branding of the device to emphatically refer to it as a Galaxy Note 7, with the tweet instead stating that the launch event would be for the Galaxy Note 6 / 7.

Based on the date of the tweets, this would indicate that the Galaxy Note 7 will ultimately be unveiled on August 2, which falls on a Tuesday in 2016. Of course, ‘almost exactly’ and ‘exactly’ are two different things, so that August date cannot necessarily be confidently pencilled into your diary. But it is certainly reasonable to expect a release in this week of August, and considering the success of Blass in predicting Samsung news in the past, this would seem to be an extremely credible opinion.

Market battle

As the battle between Samsung and Apple in the mobile marketplace becomes more credible, and indeed closer, there will be pressure on both corporations to produce something outstanding in the phablet niche in 2016. The Galaxy Note range has become arguably the most critically acclaimed product that Samsung produces, and the Korean corporation will want to build on this perception and market momentum during the calendar year.

Meanwhile, Apple is clearly intent on ensuring that its iPhone 7 Plus phablet is significantly distinguishable from the smartphone in the range. While sales of the iPhone Plus devices have been pretty solid for Apple in the past, the consumer electronics market-leader may perceive that it can make gains in this area, in what will be a challenging year for the California-based company.

Apple has already predicted that it will shift less iPhone 7 units in 2016 than during the previous calendar year, which would be a first in the history of the iPhone. Since 2007, when the original iPhone was launched, Apple has always manage to achieve gains in iPhone sales on an annual basis.

With Samsung facing challenges at the peak of the premium marketplace from its Californian rival, and affordable Android variants threatening its market share at the other end as well, it is refreshing for the hierarchy of the company that its recent strategy has resulted in improved sales and revenue. With the Galaxy Note 7 possibly featuring 4K resolution, dual-lens camera technology, and some of the most impressive specs ever seen in the industry, it is clear that Samsung means business.

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