iPhone 7 Exploded: Is This Different From The Galaxy Note 7 Explosions?

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By now everyone who is interested in technology is fully aware of the Galaxy Note 7 exploding issue. This has been the highlight of this, or possibly any other, technology year. Although not for Samsung!

iPhone 7 explodes!

But attention is now turning to reports that the iPhone 7 has suffered a similar exploding issue. A surfing instructor from New South Wales in Australia has claimed that his personal iPhone 7 has exploded inside his automobile. Apparently he returned from a surfing trip to find his car burning in front of him, caused by the errant smartphone.

No one quite knows what caused this particularly dramatic event, with the surfer in question conceding that the smartphone may have been placed inside an unusually hot environment. “As I looked into my car, you could not see inside the car like all the windows were just black. Ash was just coming from inside the pants which once you wrapped open the pants the phone was just melting inside of it,” the affected individual recounted.

Apple investigation

Early indications are that Apple does not know what has caused the problem. So is this Apple’s very own Explosion-gate? Is Apple facing an iPhone 7 problem of the same magnitude as that experienced by Samsung with the Galaxy Note 7? Or is this all merely a mountain being made out of a molehill?

The first thing to note about this incident is that it seems to be very much an isolated case at present. In the existing climate, with Samsung being forced to essentially recall the Galaxy Note 7, it was obvious that any such incident would receive massive media exposure. In a sense, Apple is being made to pay for the failings of Samsung, and the corporation will not be too concerned about the issue at this point in time, even if it is undoubtedly taking the explosion seriously.

Indeed, it is worth noting that Apple handsets have suffered problems on a much wider scale in previous years. The most obvious example of this is the bending problem that the iPhone 6S experienced for a handful of units in proportional terms. This didn’t really impact upon the ultimate success or otherwise of the iPhone 6S, and yet it affected far more users than this solitary explosion.

On the other hand, there is no doubt that any example of technology excluding is extremely serious! And naturally Apple has taken the necessary precautions with regard to this report. It is undoubtedly an ultra-sensitive technology environment at present, with manufacturers of hardware completely unable to rest on their laurels over any quibbles with their devices.

Isolated incident

It seems likely, based on media reports, that this will be an isolated incident, and does not reflect negatively on the iPhone 7 hardware. Probably what has occurred is that a gentleman has left his iPhone in an unwise situation, and this has ultimately left to his smartphone being fried by the hot sun. We probably shouldn’t expect to see other similar scenarios arise, at least based on the information that has been released in the media thus far.

With the Galaxy Note 7, the explosive issue was clearly a massive difficulty for the company, but there were two distinct aspects to the problem. Firstly, the number of Galaxy Note 7 units that suffered from the explosion problem was far more than could be reasonably tolerated or attributed to anomalies.

And, secondly, the circumstances in which the Galaxy Note 7 units exploded varied vastly, and were distributed across multiple nations. This reveals to Samsung that the explosions were being caused by fundamental hardware errors, and that they really had no choice with regard to the future of this doomed handset.

It is rather unlikely that Apple will have to take the drastic action that Samsung has resorted to, and this will probably turn out to be an unfortunate flash in the pan for the consumer electronics giant.

The Galaxy Note 7 issue has become such a media talking point that even the President of the United States has made reference to it. This must be hugely embarrassing for Samsung, and one can only hope that the Korean company is able to regain its rightful reputation once the Galaxy S8 is released next year.

GTA 5 viral videos

In the meantime, Samsung seems to be extremely sensitive about criticism of the Galaxy Note 7, with the company seemingly having filed copyright claims against YouTube videos mocking its handset via the video game Grand Theft Auto V.

While one can understand the manufacturer attempting to defend its reputation against such damaging material, ultimately the only thing that will get Samsung back on an even keel is the company producing outstanding devices in the future.

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