iPhone 7 Concept: Is This What Apple’s Next Phone Would Look Like?

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It’s been less than three months since Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) launched the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. But rumor mill and concept designers have started speculating about what the iPhone 7 would look like. We have already seen a few concept designs. Now designer Martin Hajek has come up with a new iPhone 7 concept.

iPhone 7 Concept: Is This What Apple's Next Phone Would Look Like?

iPhone 7 to be smaller than iPhone 6

Hajek imagines the iPhone 7 to be smaller than the iPhone 6. The concept shows a reduction in size between the home button and screen. The speaker has been placed to the top of the device. The next Apple handset is highly likely to feature a sapphire display, which was expected to appear in the iPhone 6 but was thwarted by manufacturing issues.

The iPhone 7 shown in this concept has a full-screen display, and is wider than its predecessor. The next-gen iPhone is rumored to sport a camera that uses two lenses and “rivals a DSLR.” Another design shows the iPhoen 7 display taking up the entire front panel, plus the physical home button embedded into the display. Hajek came up with this concept with the help of Business Insider tech editor Steven Tweedie.

iPhone 7 to have 3D display?

Apple is expected to pack the iPhone 7 with an improved graphics user interface that uses on-board device sensors and 3D display technology. According to 9to5Mac, Apple was recently awarded a patent related to 3D GUI. Plus, it has motion detection technology patents, thanks to the acquisition of Israeli tech firm PrimeSense. The patent details show that the phone will be fitted with imaginary cameras that generate virtual walls.

Anyway, the iPhone 6 successor is unlikely to arrive until late next year. At this point, it’s still unclear whether it will be named iPhone 6S or iPhone 7 or something else. A recent report says that the iPhone 6S could arrive in June 2015, followed by the iPhone 7 in October 2015. It’s also possible that Apple releases the iPhone 6S in September-October next year and the iPhone 7 arrives in 2016.

Apple shares inched up 0.35% to $114.52 in pre-market trading Wednesday.

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