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iPhone 7 Blue Mockups – No More Space Gray Please!

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Last week, I read that Apple was considering the removal of the color space gray from this years iPhone 7 line-up, and replacing it with something different such as a deep blue iPhone 7. Now, I don’t know if this is true, but that has not stopped legendary designer Martin Hajek from coming up with what look like some really gorgeous concept designs using the new color.

iPhone 7 Blue Mockups - No More Space Gray Please!

Deep Blue iPhone 7

You may remember, that last week I wrote about how Hakek’s iPhone 7 designs, where always pretty close to the final design that Apple comes up with. So maybe, he knows something that I and most of the rest of you don’t. Because his mockup designs of a deep blue 7 are fantastic and if it was to be true, I don’t think it would be a bad idea at all!

Deep Blue iPhone 7 pics coming up soon …

Before you scroll down, Hajek like the rest of us must have his own hopes (or some insider knowledge) about what the design and specifications of the new line of iPhone 7 handsets may have. As he has chosen to include features like, dual camera support on the 7 Plus, and removed the antenna lines. However, they do overall look quite similar to the iPhone 6s/Plus.

On a more sombre note, if you were hoping that Apple would reveal some information about the iPhone 7 at this weeks WWDC, all of the latest rumors point towards that not happening. Instead Apple looks to be focussing this years event squarely on software only. However, is that a bad thing? Atleast we will see Siri and iOS with iOS 10 get some major upgrades at the conference.

So that’s all I have on this rumor and color concept design, personally I like it over space gray or even rose gold. As for standard black, I have always preferred that, but could see myself switching over to Deep Blue if a new iPhone comes out with it.

All Images via Martin Hajek

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