iPhone 7 And Galaxy S7 Both Set For 2016 Release

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As Apple continues to develop its 2015 product range behind the scenes, the appearance of the iPhone 7 in 2016 now seems sealed. There was some debate early in the year as to whether Apple would release a revolutionary next generation iPhone 7 at some point during 2015, but it now seems a certainty that the next smartphone release from Apple will be an iPhone 6s. With the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus likely to be accompanied by an iPhone 6c, the smartphone landscape of 2016 is already being prepared for a massive battle between the iPhone 7 and the Galaxy S7.

Apple’s China syndrome

Following a period in its history in which it could do no wrong, Apple has suffered a recession in its share price recently. This has to city scepticism that the corporation can continue to grow its revenue, with the important Chinese marketplace considered to be a particular concern. Recent research has suggested that Apple now shifts more iPhone units in China than even in the United States marketplace, and any slowdown in this nation would naturally be serious for the California-based company.

So 2016 could be a particularly important year for Apple, as unless it is able to get back on track during the remainder of 2015, next year will witness the viability of Apple’s long-term business model being seriously tested. Apple has numerous new products potentially in the pipeline for 2016, with several of its iconic ranges due to be updated, along with completely new devices also mooted for release. But whatever else the consumer electronics giant releases, it is absolutely certain that the iPhone 7 will play a major role in its success or otherwise.

iPhone 7 And Galaxy S7 Both Set For 2016 Release

Galaxy S range take centre stage

Similarly, Samsung has indicated with the recent release of the Galaxy S6 Edge+ that it is keen to restore the luster to its flagship range. The Galaxy S series has traditionally been the most important mobile range for Samsung, but it has perhaps fallen behind the Galaxy Note series in the last year or so, at least in terms of critical perception.

In particular, the Galaxy S5 was especially poorly received, with Samsung criticized for a plasticky feel that won favor with neither consumers nor the critical community. But Samsung got back on track somewhat with the release of the Galaxy S6 last year, which featured a much more grown-up appearance, contributing to the positive critical reception that it was afforded.

With Samsung effectively rebranded its Galaxy Note Edge phablet this year, it is clear that the Korean corporation is intending to make series inroads into Apple’s iPhone series with its Galaxy S smartphone. The Galaxy S7 will be the most obvious rival to Apple in 2016, and Samsung also has the advantage of releasing its device long before the iPhone will hit the stores.

So despite the release of a Galaxy S device this year, it seems certain that the Galaxy S7 Will not arrive in 2015. There have been some media reports that suggested that a 2015 Galaxy S7 release was possible, as Samsung attempts to paper over the cracks of some disappointing financial results. But it now seems certain that Samsung will instead follow the usual release schedule for the Galaxy S7, which would see the device announced at the Mobile world Congress in Barcelona in March, ahead of a likely April release.

Samsung vs Apple

It seems a while ago now that Samsung was incredibly bullish on his prospects of overtaking Apple. Back in 2014, Samsung’s focus on phablet technology had paid off for the corporation, it was riding high on some excellent results in East Asia, and there was scepticism about the future of Apple in the short-term after some disappointing sales results. It was around this time that Samsung announced that it intended to overtake Apple as the world’s most prominent consumer electronics company. But the position of the two companies has changed significantly since then.

Not only has Apple enjoyed a stellar 2014 and an excellent first half of 2015, but Samsung is increasingly being challenged within its core markets and niches. Samsung had always relied on a particularly strong performance in its native East Asia, but now more affordable and bargain basement manufacturers of Android devices are challenging the position of the Samsung in this region.

This was reflected in the fact that a Gartner study indicated that Apple is now selling more mobile devices worldwide than Samsung. Of course, Apple has been the world’s most prominent consumer electronics company for some time, but the ability to outperform Samsung in pure volume turns underlines the development of the corporation. Samsung always relied on selling large numbers of relatively affordable devices, but it seems that this will be an increasingly difficult business strategy for corporation, as other companies are increasingly occupying this niche.

So Samsung has certainly gravitated toward a more premium image for its products in recent releases, and this will be reflected when the Galaxy S7 finally hits the stores. This will be a smartphone with a luxurious construction, intended to target the high-end of the market. Samsung placed a huge amount of stock on the release of Samsung Pay when it unveiled its two recent phablets, and this mobile payment system will play a significant role in the future of the corporation going forward.

Possible specs

Samsung has become associated with packing its mobile devices with outstanding specifications in recent years, so we could see something truly jaw-dropping when the Galaxy S7 is released. The Korean manufacturer has been linked with producing a mass market 4K resolution mobile throughout 2015, and the Galaxy S7 could be the device to finally benefit from this technology being introduced.

Apple has been linked with intriguing innovations for the iPhone 7, and will certainly wish to respond to the earlier Galaxy S7 release with an impressive iPhone unit. This handset has been linked with particularly notable camera technology, with a professional standard DSLR snapper and a unique periscope designed both mooted for the smartphone.

With two premium and truly next generation handsets tipped for a 2016 release, next year could truly be a memorable one for fans of mobile technology.

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