Filings Suggest iPhone 7 To Have ‘AirPods’, Expect Multiple Apple Watch 2 Models

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Apple has officially sent out invites for its September 7 event, where it is widely expected to unveil the new iPhone 7, 7 Plus, and the next-gen Apple Watch 2. That the new iPhones will get rid of the 3.5mm headphone jack is no secret. Previously, there were speculations that Apple would launch wireless headphones called ‘AirPods’ that can be used with the iPhone 7. Now the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEC) has confirmed the existence of AirPods.

Two models of the new iPhone certified by EAEC

Manufacturers need to get their devices certified by the Eurasian Economic Union if they could sell their products in countries such as Russia, Belarus, Armenia and Kazakhstan. According to, the EAEC has granted certificates to two iPhone models (A1778 and A1784), multiple Apple Watch models, and AirPods. There is a total of ten different Apple Watch models that have been certified.

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It indicates that there could be more than just Apple Watch 2, Apple Watch 2 Sport, and Apple Watch 2 Edition. The Cupertino company could introduce upgraded versions of the first Apple Watch with internal upgrades and faster processors. According to the certificates, the wearable devices run watchOS 2 rather than watchOS 3. Both the iPhone models run the iOS 10.

Will Apple include AirPods in iPhone 7 retail box?

The new Apple Watch 2 is expected to have a bigger battery, better waterproofing capabilities, an improved processor, and a built-in GPS. Apple is unlikely to introduce new designs for the Watch, though there could be a unique display technology and new bands. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will also retain the design elements of their predecessors.

It’s still unclear whether Apple would launch AirPods as an optional extra or they will be bundled with the iPhone 7 retail box. The AirPods branding indicates that the tech giant would sell them as first-party accessories rather than as Beats products. Recent rumors suggest that AirPods could include a few standout features such as better Siri integration and fitness tracking capabilities.

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