iPhone 7 32GB, 128GB And 256GB Variants Are Coming

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It’s the 2nd day of June, and it looks as though we won’t have to wait much longer for Apple’s next generation iPhone 7 to be unveiled. I realise that most people where expecting to have to wait until September for any news on this new iPhone, but according to TrendForce the unveiling of what should be an iPhone 7 will be here before we know it!

iPhone 7 Component Leaks

As you may already be aware, there have been a number of information and component image leaks of late, Which, have given us Apple fans just enough fuel to remain excited. You may remember that last week I reported on how Apple was considering abandoning the outdated 16GB base model of iPhone. This week it seems almost certain that Apple will do just that and instead start with an iPhone 7 32GB model followed by 128GB and 256GB variants. If this turns out to be 100% accurate then gone will be the 16GB and 64GB iPhones we’ve become accustomed to choosing between over the last few years.

An iterational iPhone

With all the different rumors flying around the internet at the moment, it can be difficult to try and pick out which ones are just out-right false and those that have a bit more substance. One of those rumors that has substance, is another that I reported on recently. Yesterday the rumor about Apples Tick-Tock cycle was seemingly confirmed by the Cupertino-based company. This cycle change would mean that Apple will shift production of its handsets to a three year cycle.

iPhone 7 32GB, 128GB And 256GB Variants Are Coming

What’s important about this change is, that it means that the rumors surrounding the iPhone 7 and it supposedly being nothing more than an iterational change over the iPhone 6s are now more than likely to be true. There’s also a good chance that the images we’ve seen with the iPhone 7 looking a lot like its predecessor are accurate.

Why all the Changes

Apple has come under some serious scrutiny of late, and by scrutiny I don’t mean from the FBI, I mean from its own shareholders. The one small fact that iPhones have seen a decline in sales, has spooked shareholders enough to make then put the proverbial boot up the backside of decision makers at Apple.

This in turn has led to all of the rumors we’ve been reading and reporting on of late, and Apple has to make sure the iPhone 7 is more of a sales success than it’s predecessors, it can no longer rest on it laurels whilst the likes of Samsung, LG and even HTC deliver ground breaking smartphones to there followers and once die hard Apple fans slowly switch over to Android.

So with that in mind, I believe the iPhone 7 and then even more so the iPhone 8 will see Apple re-emerge as the smartphone that is most desired by the masses.

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