iPhone 7: What will we hold in our hands in 2016?

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Apple’s newly released iPhone 6S and 6S Plus are upgraded versions following the success of t iPhone 6. A new hypothesis regarding the iPhone 7 has emerged. Foxconn is allegedly communicating with Sharp in order to help the company recover by purchasing a large stock of its shares.

Another company involved is Apple, as they have invested a hefty amount in Sharp in 2012 for their provision of Smartphone displays. Apple may be supporting Sharp’s display to prevent locating new suppliers. iPhone 7 is supposed to commence production at the beginning of 2016, therefore the possibility of using Sharp Display looks real. Communication between Foxconn, Sharp and Apple has been going on for a few months, however Apple’s commitment has just been revealed. Apple and Foxconn may cooperate to purchase majority of the stocks and obtain an amazing deal for displays. Sharp’s Aquos Crystal bezel-less on the sides and top of the phone had caused waves last year.

These displays are affordable and their main selling point is the bezel-less appearance. Apple may deliver such an amazing feature in its iPhone 7. If Apple proceeds with the acquisition of Sharp, they will be in control of their supply chain and will be able to experiment with quality displays.

iPhones have not had the best designs, unless you take into account the material quality, however, if the new phone will have the appearance of a Sharp, Apple has more opportunities to gain lost ground in the Android area.

Leaks regarding Apple’s new phone are out and they make iPhone 7 an interesting speculation theme. Apple’s multitudes of patents that can be applied to the phone make it even more interesting.

There is little information regarding the Sharp display, because the companies involved want to make the best they can of the profit margins. Apple’s iPhone 7 will be as light as the previous ones. The Apple A9X or A10 will be incorporated in the phone, as well as minimum 3GB ram.
The communication between Sharp, Foxconn and Apple are the only solid clues to the company’s plans. We will be back with more exciting news on the new iPhone 7.

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