iPhone 7 16GB Model To Be Dropped By Apple Inc. [REPORT]

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With the new iPhone 7 announcement just over the horizon, Apple is certainly going to make a lot of changes with its flagship smartphone. One of the rumored changes has to do with its storage options.

iPhone 7 16GB Model To Be Dropped By Apple Inc. [REPORT]

A recent report from market intelligence firm TrendForce claims that the iPhone 7 will be shipping with at least 32GB base storage, replacing the usual 16GB model as its low-end storage option. Additionally, reports have claimed that the mid-tier 64GB model could potentially be replaced with a 128GB model in addition to a new 256GB version.

Apple is most likely to raise the maximum storage option on the iPhone 7 to 256GB in order for the phone to have the highest NAND Flash density in the entire iPhone line. It is uncertain whether this storage option will be exclusive to the 5.5-inch “Plus” variant of the phone or if it will also be available in the 4.7-inch model.

iPhone 7 set to increase base storage

The Cupertino tech giant has in the past been subject to many users’ criticism and complaints regarding the 16GB model. While it was relatively inexpensive and certainly the most popular model in the phone line, it simply didn’t have enough space to satisfy many iPhone users’ needs.

The 16GB model would quickly fill up with photos, apps, music and videos, forcing users to decide on what items to delete in order to make more space for new additions. This became doubly true when Apple recently released new features on the iPhone 6S that require large amounts of space, such as 4K video recording or Live Photos.

The popular tech company has yet to make any statement regarding these reports, but many tech devotees have noted that while dropping the 16GB storage option allows for increased RAM on base models, it will in turn cause the base model phone to cost more than what the 6S and 6S Plus were priced at when they were released last year.

While many users believe that an increased base price on the phone isn’t ideal, many believe that an increased storage allows for larger RAM, needed for iOS updates.

Improved specifications and features

Additional rumors predict that the upcoming flagship device will ship with a larger battery along with the latest operating system, iOS 10.

Reports also predict that the iPhone 7 Plus will include a larger, dual-lens camera and 3GB of LPDDR4 RAM. The regular 4.7-inch model has been rumored to ship with a single-lens camera (like the 6S models) and 2GB of RAM. The upcoming models won’t come with any display upgrades until the company switches to OLED displays in 2017.

Previous design renders and leaks have speculated that the camera lens will once again protrude from the rear section of the device, just as the camera did in the 6S and 6S Plus models.

Other rumors predict that the new model could come equipped with a Type-C USB port, much like those on the new MacBook, although the adjustment from the Lightning port could cause some controversy.

The flagship phone is also rumored to have a faster A10 chip, re-positioned antenna bands, a certain level of waterproofing, faster LTE and Wi-Fi chips, and more.

While the iPhone 7 is speculated to drop the 16GB base model and up it to 32GB, the flagship phone is set to ship with a number of improved specifications and features that will indeed set a new bar in the smartphone market. The leaks, rumors, and reports are ramping up, and expect the iPhone 7 to arrive late 2016.


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