IPhone 6s vs. Galaxy S7 Drop Test [VIDEO]

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If you are one of those people who love to go that little bit further when comparing smartphones, this iPhone 6s vs Galaxy S7 drop test should have you drooling.

Seriously what could be a better test of strength, then seeing which handset comes out on top when dropped from a considerably decent height, it’s not all about the camera, processor and RAM you know!

The Drop Test Explained

To make a drop test is done fairly, meaning that it’s not done by some random guy holding the iPhone 6s and Galaxy S7 in each hand, what we’re looking for here is some empirical evidence based on real world observation. So each phone is going to be held firmly in the grasp of what looks like a piece of kit designed just for the job!

So how does the test work? Well simply would be the best way to describe it. First, each handset involved in the drop test will be dropped onto its back and then on its bottom and then finally onto its face! Oh and then if either the iPhone 6s or the Galaxy S7 survive this initial round of drop testing (they can still be used to call out), they will be subjected to a new set of testing, in which they will be continuously dropped onto their faces until one of them can no longer make that call!

What this drop test is intended to prove is how strong each handset is, and it does this by dropping each handset at exactly the same time from exactly the same height, so neither has an advantage! What this also does is, give a potential buyer an idea as to which handset may survive a fall from say a table or jacket pocket.

IPhone 6s vs. Galaxy S7 Drop Test [VIDEO]

Drop Test One -The Back

As was seen in the video below, you will notice that as soon as the iPhone 6s hits the concrete slab, it automatically comes to rest, there’s no bounce or other movement from the handset. As for the Galaxy S7, this looks to come of a little worse as there is some bounce, which means its internal components would have suffered some serious forces.

Also the iPhone 6s looks to have survived the drop test with relatively few minor scratches to its back however, the Galaxy S7 did not fair as well coming out of this test with what can only be described as shattered Gorilla Glass.

Drop Test Two –The Bottom

Personally I thought this test would lead to some serious damage on both handsets. However, as it turned out there was little damage to the silver bands on the bottom of either handset apart from some minor scuffing.

Drop Test Three –The Side

This test looks brutal, the iPhone 6s this time around actually bounces straight back up into the air and leaves the concrete slab, whilst the Galaxy S7 looks to have some bounce, but comes to rest on the slab. As for the results, both have impact mark across their sides; however the damage done to the Galaxy S7 looks a little more detailed due to the color of its casing.

Drop Test Four – The Front

If you decide to watch the video below, you will automatically see why this test is worth cringing at if you are a Galaxy S7 owner, as when dropped it again suffers from some bounce. And at the same time it is clear to see that its front glass panel has suffered from some shattering, with glass actually falling off. This makes the Galaxy S7 unusable and although the iPhone 6s has some shattered glass it can move onto the bonus round.

Now if you want to watch how the iPhone fares in the bonus round watch the video below.

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