iPhone 6 Dimensions Emerge – But Will It Cost $100 More Than iPhone 5?

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Up until now much of the focus with regard to the forthcoming iPhone 6 has been on the prospective premium version of the smartphone. It has been rumored that this phablet-sized device will feature a 5.5-inch screen, larger than any previous iteration of Apple’s handset. Additionally, it looks highly likely that the premium iPhone 6 will be based around a completely new design, with sapphire glass likely to give the smartphone a more durable build.

However, over the last day or so news has broken with regard to the other model of the iPhone 6 which it is presumed will be released in tandem with the more premium version. It looks as if this more affordable version of the iPhone will be very much an update of existing iPhone handsets, but could perhaps be offered at a price tag that is preferential to consumers.

4.7-inch screen confirmed?

It has been presumed for some time that this iPhone 6 version will feature a 4.7-inch screen, and this has been seemingly confirmed by leaks which have emerged over the last 24 hours. New images that emanate from the French website Nowhereelse.fr apparently show pictures of iPhone 6 production tooling. And it has been estimated accurately from these images that the new device that they relate to will possess a 4.7-inch display, as has been widely reported previously.

This size would be in line with previous models of the iPhone, most notably the recent iPhone 5s. The images also suggest that the dimensions of the new device will be approximately 138mm by 64mm. This would mean that the iPhone 6 would be significantly larger than the iPhone 5S (123.8 x 58.6 mm), and considerably larger than the iPhone 4S (115.2 x 58.6 mm).

Although the validity of these images cannot be fully confirmed yet, the source of these leaks has a pretty decent track record with regard to previous inside information, so this could bode well for its credibility.

iPhone 6 to get price hike?

While we won’t see the iPhone 6 hit the stores for some months, maybe around five months based on the most common estimates, news also broke today regarding what sort of price we can expect to see the iPhone 6 retail at. According to Jeffries analyst, Peter Misek, the next iPhone may even come with a weightier price tag than previous models.

Misek suggests that the iPhone 6 may retail at $100 more than previous iterations of the iPhone. Misek even stated that Apple has begun negotiations with carriers regarding this price hike, with the technology giant believing that its premium version of the iPhone 6 will be the only ‘game changing’ smartphone available for purchase this year.

This would be a bold strategy by Apple given the relatively moderate results that they delivered the last time they released earnings figures. But hierarchy at Apple may have concluded that growth in the existing smartphone market may be pretty minimal, and the iPhone may need to be altered significantly and take a genuine step forward in order to capture the public imagination once more.

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