iPhone 6 Rumors: Sapphire Display, Torture Test

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When it comes to Apple’s iPhone 6, there is no shortage of rumors and reports, and Monday was no exception. According to the videos which surfaced this week, Apple is reportedly gearing up to use sapphire display cover glass on the upcoming 4.7-inch phone. One of the sources, Sonny Dickson, posted the first video showing a 4.7-inch flexible sapphire crystal display cover glass.

Torture test for alleged iPhone 6

Another video was from technology commentator Marques Brownlee, who says that the phone in the video is not a mock-up, but a real one. “This is an actual, straight-off-the-assembly-line iPhone 6 part from Apple,” Brownlee said.

Brownlee conducted the torture test on the mobile device by scratching and chipping it with a knife, but the screen was strong enough to resist any damage. The second test to which the device was subjected was bending and flexing the display, and the glass was found to be unbreakable.

iPhone 6

Previously there were rumors that Apple would use a sapphire screen on its 5.5-inch device. A sapphire crystal screen might become a reality as the company has shelled out more than half a billion dollars on the highly scratch-resistant material, which was used in small quantities for the iPhone 5S camera lens. The reports claim that sapphire crystal will not show signs of scratches even after rubbing it against concrete. According to 9to5 Mac, Apple plans to start production of the scratch-resistant durable screen for its iPhone 6.

“Apple just procured enough sapphire crystal furnace to make 100-200 million five-inch iPhone displays in Arizona,” the website reported earlier this year.

The widely popular videos that surfaced this week suggest that Apple is finally paying heed to customers’ demands and is on the verge of offering an unbreakable device to its users. However, the phone in the video is a smaller 4.7-inch screen and not a 5.5-inch display like Samsung’s Galaxy S5 and Note 3 flagship handsets. There has been a host of rumors and reports about the smaller version of the iPhone 6, but there is hardly any mention of the phablet-sized iPhone or its features. An unbreakable sapphire display screen would prove to be a strong positioning point for Apple.

Previously, Bloomberg also reported that the next iPhone will have a curved screen that will provide more durability and comfort for the user. Also it is expected that watching videos and playing games on it will be more comfortable. The Wall Street Journal cited an unnamed source and stated that Apple does not intend to use curved glass for the iPhone 6, but the rumors about the company using curved glass are still circulating.

New images different from previous leaks

Now there are also some new leaks revealing a slicker, curvier glass screen which is different from previous images. Commentators and experts suggest that the earlier images show the pre-production dummies, which will be different from the final version of the iPhone 6.

Apple iPhone 6

Japanese daily Nikkei stated that the bold stripes on the rear side of the phone that appeared on at least one set of images are supposedly part of the antenna and that they will not show up in the final version. There are chances that the final product will not have stripes at all. “These simply mark out an area for glass materials to replace the aluminum frame, just like the iPhone 5s,” says 9to5Mac.com, translating Nikkei’s report.

Pricing a vital feature

There is a wide range of discussion going on over the price point of the iPhone 6. In the United States, an unlocked new iPhone 5S costs between $600 and $700. The price is reduced to $200 when a user buys one on contract from most mobile carriers. Outside the United States, the price of the iPhone is shocking. In Brazil, it costs as much as $1,200.

“The price of iPhone 6 will go a large way to deciding what level of market share Apple will win,” says a report from Business Insider. At present, iOS devices capture 18% of the global market share, compared to Android devices that claim 78% of the market share. If Apple sets a high price for the upcoming iPhone 6, its market share could fall.

Other big rumors surrounding the iPhone 6

There are reports that Apple will debut two versions of the iPhone 6, but some of them claim that the larger display phone will be available at least a month after the smaller iPhone 6. Several reports from different sources suggested that Apple is keen to make a major overhaul this year, for which it has started hiring workers in bulk.  Major expectations are that the iPhone 6 will be launched in September this year.

Some market watchers are expecting that the company may adopt liquid metal, which is even stronger than aluminum, for the backing. Use of liquid metal will allow the phone to be sleeker and lighter without compromising the strength and build quality of the phone. A liquid metal inventor stated two years back that the component could be used in devices by 2014.

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