iPhone 6 Release Date, Price And Other Rumors You Should Know

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The iPhone 6 has been in the limelight ever since Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) launched the iPhone 5. There have been a plethora of reports published on the specifications, features, price, and release date of the upcoming flagship phone of Apple, but none have been officially confirmed. One thing that seems clear is that Apple would surely integrate more advanced features in the iPhone 6 compared to the iPhone 5 and 5S. However, Apple, like always, has not revealed anything yet.

So, to help fans stay updated with the latest news and rumors concerning their favorite device, summarized below are some of latest available information on the iPhone 6.

Completely new design

Jony Ive is expected to transform the iPhone 6 entirely from the design perspective, and the device is expected to sport a different look from the iPhone 5S just like iPhone 5, which was clearly different from the iPhone 4S.

There is no official confirmation on the design of the iPhone as of now, but the patents filed by the company indicate that liquid metal and sapphire might be used in designing the iPhone 6, which would be almost impossible to sctach along with a striking look and other concepts. Analysts and users expect the iPhone 5S to have a Near Field Communication (NFC) feature, but Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) postponed it. According to the experts, through NFC technology, iPhone users could share files quickly, and could do secure financial transactions.

iPhone 6 Release Date, Price And Other Rumors You Should Know

Wireless charging is trending in Android Devices like the Google Nexus 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4, but Apple has not yet integrated such a feature in its iPhone. Though iPhone owners are able to enjoy the feature with some tweaks, it is expected that no such tweaks would be required in iPhone 6 as the wireless charging feature would be in-built.

Innovative features

Apple’s latest smartphone iPhone 5S was able to gain traction amongst iPhone users and buyers though it was only marginally advanced than the iPhone 5. On the back of a successful iPhone 5, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) dominated the smartphone turf in October 2013. On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy S4 failed to attract enough users, which gave weight to Apple’s supremacy over rivals.

Along the same lines, the iPhone 6 is expected to be more advanced with some groundbreaking features and specifications. From a speed point of view, many analysts and market watchers are expecting the iPhone 6 to take a leap against other smartphones in the market. Also, the latest A7 processor would be utilized in its full capacity once the iPhone 6 is launched along with an A8 CPU. There is a common belief that the latest iPhone would be faster than all of its predecessors leaving behind Quad core and 8 core Android flagships that are expected to launch this year.

Apple is likely to integrate gesture technology in its soon to be launched smartphone after the iPhone maker acquired the company that produces Microsoft’s Kinect allowing gamers to play Xbox games without a controller.

Gaze technology could also be seen in the iPhone 6, which would switch off the iPhone screen when a user is not using the device in order to conserve battery life. The technology would be useful for the large display iPhone.

iPhone 6 with Bigger display and better camera

Coming to the display size it is largely anticipated that the iPhone 6 would be a phablet with a bigger screen size instead of standard 4 inch iPhone 5S. According to Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI securities, the upcoming iPhone would have a larger display and could be comfortably held in one hand. Kuo also said that the display panel would be within 5 inches, which coincides with Cook’s vision for iPhone 6.

There were rapid rumors that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) would launch the curved screen iPhone with wraparound technology, but it is not likely to come in the iPhone 6. There is little possibility that Apple would launch a phone whose screen wraps towards the end just like the previous Nexus devices.

The camera is expected to more advanced in the upcoming Apple iPhone compared to earlier versions. Apple is expected to offer some of the best and most sought-after camera features along with minor hardware changes. However, for Apple the fight is tough with companies like Samsung and HTC offering best in class camera features and performance in their upcoming Galaxy S5 and HTC One 2.

Also, Apple is expected to keep the megapixels below Samsung Galaxy S5’s 16 MP. It is widely anticipated that the upcoming iPhone would sport a 12 MP snapper with new a add-on like integrating the camera with some professional shooting features.

Price and release date for iPhone 6

If Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) brings some advanced technology into its upcoming iPhone, then it would need to increase the price marginally, for instance to $249, similar to the Retina equipped iPad mini, which costs $70 more compared to the first generation iPad mini.

Apple might set the price of the iPhone 6 somewhere around the previous iPhone price points, suggesting the iPhone 6 could be priced around £500. Apple is expected to discard its 16GB version this time and it will be interesting to see the entry price level. The current 16GB version is priced at $199 with contract, and without contract it is available for $650.

There has not been any consensus on the release date of the iPhone with some market watchers expecting the company to launch the upcoming iPhone around May. However, the iPhone 5S is still selling rapidly, and it is highly unlikely that Apple will contain the rapid growth and sales of 5S by launching the iPhone 6 so early. There is no news about the CPU, RAM, GPU etc, but Apple would surely release an upgraded version of all the features. At present the iPhone 5S sports an A7 dual-core processor with 1.3GHz and 1GB of RAM.

Strange rumors of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) launching the iPhone 6C along with iPhone 6 caught the attention of market watchers and analysts worldwide. The iPhone 5C had a lackluster performance compared to premium range smartphone, which was an instant hit.  Though, Apple tried to launch iPhone 5C as a low priced phone, but it was only $100 cheaper than premium iPhone 5S, which did not work in its favor. It is very much possible that in the year 2014, four iPhones Viz iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6C would be in the market.

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