iPhone 6 Plus ‘Burst Into Flames’ While The Owner Was Asleep

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iPhone 6 Plus owner Amanda Bentz, like several other smartphone owners, sleeps with her Apple smartphone on a nightstand right next to her bed. This has been a habit that she never thought could potentially harm her. However, this week, Bentz learned the hard way when her iPhone caught fire just “a foot away” from where she was sleeping.

iPhone 6 Plus explodes, but no major harm done

The Palm Harbor, Florida resident told CBS affiliate WTSP that the flames woke her up. She said there was no warning (of fire), and it did not start smoking or sparking.

“Out of nowhere it just burst into flames,” she told WTSP.

Bentz and her husband Kyle are now warning others to be aware of the danger of charging smartphones overnight.

Early Tuesday, Kyle said in a Facebook post that people who charge their phones at night on their nightstand right next to their head or in a different room or when they are not home should watch out. Kyle even posted some photos of the aftermath, saying it is a little scary waking up to “your wife’s iPhone 6 Plus on fire right next to her head.”

Bentz said the explosion was just like a shhhh sound, kind of like fireworks.

“It literally blew flames right out the side of the phone,” she said. The iPhone 6 Plus explosion shattered the glass, blew the display of the iPhone out of its aluminum housing and melted the plastic case.

Kyle was, fortunately, able to put out the fire rather quickly, and only an earring, a pillowcase, drapes and a comforter were damaged by the flames, says CBS News.

Apple has been notified

Both Amanda and Kyle believed the charger may be to blame, but the cord and the base of the charger did not feel hot, which led them to believe that the iPhone 6 Plus was to blame.

Kyle said he is not sure what happened, but, “It’s something internal, because the charger was not warm at all.”

The couple has notified Apple about the issue, and the tech giant said it would investigate the claim.

Bentz told WTSP, “They started the whole safety process and said they talked to engineers. We’re waiting to hear back to get a replacement device.”

Apple has not yet talked about this matter. Also this is not the first time that the tech giant has received complaints about an exploding iPhone 6 Plus.

The iPhone 6 Plus’ owner told WTSP if her husband had not have woken up, the explosion would have caught the curtain on fire, and then the bed.

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