iPhone 6 ‘Phosphorus’ Chip: Barometric Sensor Or Motion Coprocessor

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Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s iPhone 6 might sit on a mysterious “phosphorous” chip that can analyze data, such as the barometric pressure in the area of the handset’s motion co-processor, according to a new rumor. According to MacRumors, the new chip could be very similar to Bosch’s BMP 280.

Motion coprocessor or barometric sensor

MacRumors claims that the integration of the new barometric pressure sensor into the iPhone 6 will assist in better GPS and indoor / outdoor navigation function. It can also be of use in forecasting weather, measuring altitude or even measuring the user’s breathing rates.

On Monday, the original details about the mysterious chip appeared. It was mentioned that last year, the iPhone maker came up with the M7 processor as part of the A7 chip inside its iPhone 5S series, which could be used for motion tracking without juicing out the battery too much. With the A8 chip this year, the company might also launch an M8 motion sensor, claims an article published on Geek Bar’s Weibo account, which was first tracked by G for Games.

If GeekBar is to be believed, then the enhanced M8 processor will collect and convey health-related data for the upcoming iPhone 6. This data would surely be stored in the new health app in iOS 8, which is expected to be launched next month, along with the iPhone 6.

If Apple is at all dedicated to developing an M8 chip, then it will probably be featured in the next-generation A8 system-on-chip that will be integrated with the much-anticipated iPhone 6. Further, rumors suggest that Apple’s new custom CPU will be a multi-core design enhanced by up to 2 gigahertz.

iPhone 6 start guide leaked

Separately, Steve Hemmerstoffer, editor of the leading French Apple blog, nowhereelse.fr, posted an image showing the Quick start guide that will be included in the iPhone 6 package. He also revealed that the box of the new iPhone will be white in color with only the iPhone 6 name written on it and not mentioning that it’s a smartphone anywhere. Hemmerstoffer has a history of revealing the right facts about upcoming iPhones, and this time, he is betting on Tuesday, Sept. 9 as the unveiling date of the iPhone 6.

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