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iPhone 6 To Have Record Breaking Design With No Samsung Chips

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Apple may be crossing Samsung off its list of suppliers. A recent report from Commercial Times cites supply chain sources for this rumor. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC) won the majority of manufacturing orders for logic and power management integrated chips.

Apple hopes to sever all ties with main rival

The main reason Apple wants to cut ties with Samsung is the competition that continues to brew between the tech companies. Both smartphone makers have been slugging it out in court over patent rights.

Now that Samsung has introduced the Galaxy S5 which is poised for an April release, all eyes are on Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6. According to The Sydney Morning Herald, the highly anticipated iPhone 6 will feature a 4.7 inch screen and could hit stores during the third quarter. Other reports indicate the phone may measure 5.5 inches and feature an ultra-thin body. One report from 9-to-5 Mac states Apple will feature a new Broadcom chip to support wireless functions and faster Wi-Fi.

A new report shows more possibilities

A few days ago, Society and Religion offered a report about the iPhone 6 and four possible features. The list included a self-healing tech display which would be a protection layer that “heals”, a quick charging battery that lasts longer, remote input control, and 5G fast-connectivity.

The report went more into detail regarding remote input control saying, “Apple have got another new patent named ‘Computer User Interface System and Methods’which leads us to believe the new iPhone 6 will give users the option of using and controlling it from a distance. The dynamic interface that is going to be used on the device is supposed to accurately respond and react to movements or gestures. Users will be able to control the device from afar but if the distance decreases the device is supposed to dynamically adapt due to its capability of interpreting real-time info about user’s location and motion.”

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