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Rumors about the next generation iPhone have been intensifying in recent weeks and months in response to the fact that the iPhone 6 is expected to be released in September. The most intense speculation has surrounded the screen size of the smartphone, with leaks from the Apple supply chain indicating that the iPhone 6 will be released in two different model sizes.

iPhone 6 Phablet version delayed?

According to these rumors, Apple intended to release a phablet-sized version of the iPhone 6 which was earmarked to be released alongside a more standard smartphone variant. However, leaks over the last few days suggest that production of problems related to the touchpad contained within the iPhone 6 could see this new model being delayed.

While Apple has recovered from lukewarm financial results earlier this year, there is still an imperative for the consumer electronics giant to explore and release new product lines. The city and markets were initially skeptical during this year’s trading that Apple would be able to achieve significant growth in the short-term. However, after record sales figures during that period which led up to their latest fiscal reports to the city, Apple’s share price recovered considerably.


Thus, it will be interesting to see whether or not the 5.5 inch screen iPhone 6 is released in conjunction with the smaller 4.7 inch version. At present, it certainly appears that the release of the phablet-sized Version of the iPhone 6 will be significantly delayed. At the time of writing, a November release date looks to be likely for this particular handset.

iPhone 6: Display and design change

So what else can we expect from the iPhone 6? Firstly, Apple is set to beef up the resolution of their flagship smartphone, with the latest indications being that the iPhone 6 will feature an increased resolution due to their larger screens, possibly at 1704 x 906. This would mean that the would 4.7-inch model would possess a pixel density of 416 and the 5.5-inch version a pixel density of 365.

Another major aspect of the iPhone 6 is Apple’s determination to release a device which is more than a mere update of previous iPhones. In line with this policy, Apple is redesigning the entire make-up of the iPhone. Central to this process is the use of toughened Sapphire Glass which will be utilized in at least some of the iPhone 6 models released. Leaks from the Apple supply chain indicate that Apple has ordered an inordinate supply of this particular material; representing a clear departure from previous iPhones which embraced Gorilla Glass.

It is not yet entirely clear how Apple will differentiate the two iPhone models. Indeed, Apple has not even acknowledge the existence of the iPhone 6 yet. However, it is thought that the larger of the two models may feature Optical Image Stabilization within its portfolio of features. In terms of storage, it is also likely that the larger iPhone 6 will feature greater capacity, possibly around 128 GB.

Apple has built its reputation on the basis of delivering technology that really catches the eye with its physical appearance. Thus, the physical aspects of the iPhone 6 Will be of critical importance to Apple. Recent clones of devices and alleged schematic’s leaked from China suggest that the iPhone 6 will be significantly slimmer than the previous models of the smartphone. Apple clearly intends this to be a sleek and also powerful device.

Although rumors have included the possibility that Apple will use a curved screen for the iPhone 6, with no solid evidence whatsoever to support this particular speculation it seems unlikely at this point in time.

Processor and Wi-Fi improvements

Apple’s iPhone 6 will also reportedly utilize a 20-nanometer A8 chip from TSMC. This is not only a more powerful processor than included in previous versions, but also is intended to improve the battery life of the iPhone 6 by being more energy efficient. Opinions differ on whether the iPhone 6 will incorporate a quad-core 64-bit processor or merely settle for a dual-core variant.

In terms of other technical improvements, Apple’s next-generation iPhone may also support the 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard. It is thought that this will enable the iPhone 6 to achieve connection speeds of approximately 1 Gb per second.

Other features beefed up

It would appear that the iPhone 6 will use a similar camera to previous versions of the handset, but seek improvements in the device via additional features. This would indicate that the iPhone 6 will contain an 8-megapixel sensor. However, one or both models may embrace Optical Image Stabilization.

The iPhone 6 may also see the introduction of NFC technology. This would seem to be a logical move for Apple, as Near Field Communications can be utilized for mobile payments schemes. It is almost inevitable that this will become A bigger part of peoples lives in the near future; thus, Apple will not wish to miss the boat and lose out to Android platforms in this regard.

The iPhone 6 will also see a brand-new version of iOS 8. The precize functionality regarding this operating system is not yet known, but one can expect some form of integration with the proposed and seemingly inevitable iWatch. Recent advertising related to the iPhone 5S also suggests that Apple will arm the iPhone 6 with significant fitness tracking components.

Release date still cloudy

At the time of writing, with Apple remaining resolutely silent on the subject of the iPhone 6, discussion regarding its pricing and release date remaining somewhat speculative. However, at least one version of the smartphone is expected in September of this year. It seems highly likely that Apple will instigates a two-tier pricing strategy, with the 5.5-inch version of the smart phone considered the premium product.

Whether we will see both models this year or not remains to be seen, but with two new iPhones including a completely new model and also a smartwatch expected from Apple in due course, the remaining months of the year will be exciting ones for Apple fans.

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