iPhone 6 And Galaxy S5 Will Not Feature Curved Screens [REPORT]

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Apple and Samsung are likely to skip out on a major smartphone trend. A recent report from the Korea Herald says neither the highly anticipated iPhone 6 nor Galaxy S5 will feature curved screens. It’s speculated Samsung won’t opt for this particular feature because of insufficient capacity. Apple will also skip out on this trend because the only companies who make flexible displays don’t meet their own needs as a company.

Curved screens not in the near future

Shinhan Investment’s John Seo explained that although it may be difficult for Apple to launch the iPhone 6 with curved displays this year, it is still a strong possibility for the year after.

A week or so ago, there were reports the iPhone 6 could feature a curved screen with OLED display wrapped around an axis to cover up a hollow structure. The recently filed patent detailed a particular manufacturing technique that produces accurately curved touch surfaces that don’t have the deficiencies which are caused by substrate warping. This patent could be used in displays, touch pads, or touch mice.

Samsung has yet to master large volume production

Another source indicated Apple is a tough client to please. Suppliers must share every detail and the cost before Apple will agree to anything. Both LG and Samsung are still having a hard time catching up with Chinese firms competing with them in the LCD industry yet are the only companies producing flexible displays. Right now, Samsung is producing up to 500,000 flexible displays at a 30 percent yield. Next year, production could go up to 1 million units.

Even though it’s highly unlikely either smartphone will feature a curved screen, there are still many reasons to look forward to the arrival of both phones. The Galaxy S5 is predicted to feature either a metal or plastic body, a 16-megapixel camera, and waterproof design. It could also feature a completely new design. The iPhone 6 may feature a larger display and hit stores as early as May.

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